Sorry I'm such a fûćk up


tap Sorry I'm such a fûćk up

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hi is filiepe on line
babe I can't sleep
can u comfort me
babe I can't sleep
your snoring
your snoring and grinding your teeth v
Night babe *pulls in closer to him and smells a waft of aftershave mixed with sweat
your grinding your teeth and your snoring
*falls asleep
night handsome and kisses his neck
where there are a group of live bites on his neck
aww u just pulled my hair
yeah randomly waking up with lovebirds
love bite
bites his nose
moves closer
plays with a lose curl on his head
wrapping it around my finger
no we're just brudy
laughing between us
the air gets breezier as we move closer
my arms around your neck
clegs thrown over him
cheeky and trows my arms round him and moves closer towards him
screams all down his back
babe sleep and thing don't go
so wake up
kisses him softly all over his 6pack
ur a bad boy
I'm so glad it is u
my mother walked in
she went to the closest and I fell out of be and rolled under the bed
she wonders what that noise was and u say nothing what noise
she's gone
room clear
bake ur sleeping again
we both fall asleep
what would u do if I found out I was pregnant