collab with the extremely talented positive365!! Go follow her she is so sweet and amazing! She did the amazing text! 💕


T A P collab with the extremely talented positive365!! Go follow her she is so sweet and amazing! She did the amazing text! 💕

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ahhhh so cute!!!
awww thank you <3
i’ve been alright i guess ahaha, school term is almost over so that’s exciting ahaha
and i’ve got a crush on this guy and he called me cute but he doesn’t like me ahah unless he was lying but idk
Awe Ty boo !!
Really ? Ty ! This collab is 😍
awww ty :)) he’s literally double my height so it’s really cute when we talk ahaha
and i really like him a lot ahaha
you sure?
but then it won't really be a collab though
thank you. ♥️
ahhh not at all!! ahaha everyone else in my class does sooo
you put the quote on. I don't mind if it takes a while
I've done the background. you just add the quote
ahhh yeah ahaha i just don’t know where he stands aha he’s been kinda giving me mixed signals but at this point, he thinks i like him, which is true but he doesn’t know that it’s actually true ahah
ahhh i’ve missed talking to you xx
it feels like it’s been ages ahah x
nawww ty x
and surprisingly good actually. things have been getting better with friend issues and my severe social anxiety but it’s getting better ahaha and ofc i’ve got a massive crush on this guy ahaha which is annoying aha but i really really like him
how are you?? x
I have but it's gone. hang on
that's right, we never made a theme. you want to decide that and I can make a background?
this is so good!!
ahhh the holidays are going to be so good cause i’m seeing my best friend who i haven’t seen for a year and a half cause we go to different school AND i’m going to bali in the first week back of term two so i’m exciteddddd ahaha and surprisingly i’m doing well grade-wise
i got the highest in the whole year for an english essay we did!!
i hope you don’t mind me asking, but how old are you? it’s perfectly fine if you don’t want to answer but i just wanted to know if we were around about the same age but it’s fine if you don’t want to answer xx
thank you!❤️❤️
how about you do the background and I'll do the text and effects
anything you want. I really don't mind
no that’s fine!! i completely understand. sorry to bother you x
ok. cool!
nawww why wouldn’t i?? you’re one of the nicest people on here x
nawww thanks x
here’s the completed dan and phil mega collab! you can post whenever you like :) thanks for signing up!
this is amazing
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