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Hey guys... I remember ya. So... Caleb- what’s it like being the ONLY boy in the group?
hi, well this is for all of you, do you like to be run aways?
everyone - why did u become runaways
Caleb- what’s it like being the only boy?
How do you charge your phone?
Where were you born?
everyone- where do you sleep (it didn’t send fort time on my screen so sorry if this is twice)
Everyone – Why did you guys runaway?
what's the most beautiful place you have come across?
Nope. Being a runaway is terrible, but we have no choice.
We ran away because we were going to get split apart by social services...
Being the only boy is... interesting 😂 Not great, I wish there was another boy around but I’m grateful for the girls (even if they annoy me to the point of death)
We charge our phone at places with outlets (Starbucks, Barns and Noble, libraries, etc)
We sleep in random places... behind buildings, subways, allies, and at youth hostels when we can afford it.
A beautiful cliffside with perfectly clear water below.
Caleb- do you have a crush on one of the girls, btw I don't mean your sister I mean the other girls?
that is so sad that you guys had to run away so you wouldn't be split up:(
did you guys used to have a pic acount because there used to be a 4 kid runaway on here until they deleted there acount
ok this is for all of you hi I used to have a pc acount I recently started again we used to be friend now I think I remember why your runaways but here is another quesion when did you become this and why don't you go somewhere and see if they will take you in I would do that BTW Caleb are you looking to date another girl in ur group beside your sister
oh and where were you Born