collab with carly @-thebearwiththepetals-, who did the bg
def went out of my comfort zone with the cats and the text- i apologise if it’s hard to read, it’s my first attempt at cursive writing using my fat af finger-
[poem in the remixes]


💭15/1/22💭 collab with carly @-thebearwiththepetals-, who did the bg def went out of my comfort zone with the cats and the text- i apologise if it’s hard to read, it’s my first attempt at cursive writing using my fat af finger- [poem in the remixes]

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This is so beautiful!❤️
wow thus is BEAUTIFUL 🤩
this is gorgeous! btw, i don't know cause i usually make my collages about celebs, so maybe that could be the theme? like we could make one about a celeb that we both like? we just need to choose a color pattern/aesthetic to follow. also, if you want i can do the bg! <3
This is super cool!
aw tyy :)) I’m gonna post rn
whaaaaaatttt this is so freaking cool!! u guys killed it =-)
stop this is so beautiful 🤩
this is soo beautiful!!
re//: yea, someone else said other places are more like replicas instead. I mean most of them were, but not all the sets and props were there, like I’m sure there are more studios out there and places with them. they played a video at the beginning with daniel, emma and rupert talking about the sets and how some were constructed to last while others would be built to be taken down in a day
and yea! I’ve been to london a couple times now, like six I think?? two were with family, I went once with my mum and another with my dad to a convention two years in a row. the rest were with school to see a couple plays, go to the tate art museum and then another to travel around the landmarks and stuff :’)
YES ITS SO ANNOYING- I have a photo of diagon ally with this couple taking a selfie in the middle like hhHHH it makes my blood boil, I waited like twenty minutes to take a photo of buckbeak with no one in the way. and I bought the cursed child book today!! I’m now trying to convince my parents to buy tickets even tho they start at £160 per person and the theatre is over 6hours away since it’s slap bang in the middle of london
this is absolutely stunning
This is amazing!! You both did so well. Also the writing looks super good 😍
Aw lyly tysm T^T that means a lot. I’m happy to be of service and be able to offer some good advice xD I’m honored to be your pc older sister >:) I cherish every moment with you as well, and I’m always looking forward to talking with you <3
also this is a wonderful collab! you two did amazing and never cease to błøw me away!!
thank you so much!!😭💗
yeah let's do Emma! sure, remix them to me💞
later i will look for the pictures to use for the bg (as you suggested i think i will go for a green/glam aesthetic), and i will show them to u before starting, just in case💞
re//: tHANK YOU!! <3 and yea, the cursed child takes place nineteen years after deathly hallows part 2 and it’s a stage show! rowling wrote the rough idea and it was adapted into a theatre production. I want it to be made into a movie so badly, but I doubt it will until all five fantastic beasts movies are finished, and they’re probably in no rush since each ticket is £160 so imagine if every ticket in a giant theatre sells out every day, they must be making a fortune
aND I DIDN’T DIE WOOO- ohgod it was so dang hard to remember everything and multitask, literally my instructor taught me the biting point and how to make the car safe, then told me to drive along a road and I was lIKE WHAT HOW SJHSJSHS AND PANICKED HH-
it was very crowded, I was really surprised when we arrived at how many people were there- and yes! I’m gonna ask for tickets for my birthday since for the last like two years I haven’t asked for anything. if not I’m gonna try to save as much money as possible and buy them myself and no one can stop me
no problem dude! I love reading poems, and you wrote another.? I don’t remember seeing it-
No way lyly, this looks amazing. I could never write like that T-T not even with a pen
Oh ya I totally get it, when I entered school most of my friends had left. I'm an awkward person and somehow managed to make new friends. They're definitely not as close as my old friends but I guess it'll take time. I'm sure you'll get to get close to them though, just be yourself :)
ahhh thank youu ily sm <33
lol same, everything came together so nicely :))
also ty! I am feeling a lot better now
this is so pretty! i love it sm
it makes me feel a way… I love it
So cute!
random, but where are you getting those amazing emoticons?? I love them they are iconic. Dx
This is so pretty!!! Honestly when I first read it I thought that the text was actually pngs so your fat finger did a really good job!
Aww thank you!!
Those aren't doodles, but * in the alex brush font :)
wow this is so pretty!!
ur icon is so adorable!!!!
TY !! <33
Nah bro I swear I sobbed, the book touched my heart and I was not expecting that. Topic could've been complex for an 8 year old but idk. I totally recommend the book, it's well written, just be ready for anything lol
ty <3 I recommend joining clubs and stuff. You'll get to meet people with at least 1 interest that's the same as yours. Figure out what you want and don't close yourself to others. :) Also don't overthink lol, people really just think about their own stuff, they don't make the effort to think badly of you. (If they do their not worth it)
thank u thank u thank uuu💖💖 and i'm gonna get, startwd on our bg today😊
heyyyy!! ummm about our collab, I’m SO sorry I completely forgot about the collab I apologize :( im pretty sure u remixed me a bg? but I can’t find it could u remix it to me again? if not that’s fine ! <3
tysm!! this is gorgeous 😭🤩🤩
aaa thank you 💖☃️
this is beaaauutiful🤩
why did i only notice now that u changed ur username 🤣
awww thank you so much!💗💗
Aww thank you!!
Yeah there's a part 2!! It's about the same thing and also called Paris, but that's kinda where the similarities end haha :)
THANK U!!💗 & yay okay sounds good ! :)
heheheh sorry about the cliffhangers 😂 but thank you so much!! 💞
ummm I think it was like green…?😦 idk😭😭
also THANK U <33
TYSM <33 and yes I love that little doggy (or whatever it is lol!) I thought it was super silly and had 2 add it =-)
heyy!! sorry i totally didn't see ur comment about extending the due date for the contest! sure, it's fine! i will extend it to the end of the month (31st january), is it ok? <3 also it's ok about the collab, i'll change it later today and then send it to u <3333
btw thank you so so much!!!🥰😘
HAHAHA I AM INDEED 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
how is my best friend lyly?
Aww thank you!!
don't worry, take all the time u need!🥰💓
awww thank you so much!! i'm so happy u liked it💞🥰
thank uuuu🤧😭 yeah i'm trying to get back to complex edits cause i used to make them more often in the past💓
i ammmm backkkk hiiii 🥳
ok here ya go *hands*
yeaah i actually used to have an account on here in like 2015 or 2016 and everybody made that type of edits🥰😂
hey I’m sorry I forgot I didn’t mean to steal or anything I had it in my brain but I had my finals to finish so I forgot
btw stunning
he’s veeeeeery cute
aww thank you so much!! <3<3 no, i deleted my old account but it was called @milkteagomez if i remember correcly lol
btw sure we can post it tomorrow np!! and i'll add the filter rn and then remix it back to u <3
btw i love the quote! i was just asking cause i really thought it was a song lol, idk it sounded familiar to me i guess
I love your account so much would you like to be friends?
tysm! the text is from picsart <3
Ahh thank you 💕
haha I feel that for sure 😩 im one of those ppl that crank out a hundred collages on one late night, and then not being able to even look at a collage the next
a gorgeous collab!!
okk sure! and i think the new version of the collab looks great as well❤️
thank you so much btw💓💓
this is so cool 😖
so so cool I love this❤️