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for me ? 💘
:’) ,, I feel honored
sorryyy i had work today :((
unfortunately, yes
trust me, i know 😂
at least i get high for free
whaaaat u crazy , getting high is 💯💯💯💯💯
i may or may not be high atm ...
come baaaaAaack friend
grrrrr whyyyy
what happened ?
im sorry :( i won’t talk to you when I’m high
what did i do ?
oh. im so sorry
sure :)
:(( im sorry to hear that
i guess this means we go get ice cream ;)
let’s do itttt
im so sorry, i had some issues at work to deal with and im gonna have to be really careful this week so hopefully this weekend 💘 im sorry
im sorry :( my crews lives are at risk and im not sure when i can take you
i can’t help it, im sorry
peyton:((( how come
i love you and i always will, in a bestfriendly type. even when im not on
i really miss you..
it’s not the same.
no it’s not. don’t say that. :( you’re my best friend, no one can replace you.
i miss you too. but trust me it’s in your best interest to not get involved with me, things aren’t going great. mentally. physically. i don’t want to hurt you again if something happens to me. i’m sorry. - dylan.
i can’t promise you’ll that i’ll even be here anymore soon. living. so just don’t
all i’ve done is hurt you.
there’s no need. i’m willing to lose this fight.
you’ll miss me a lot more soon.
hi pretty:) - dylan
hi :)
im good:) better, at least. how’re you?
ouch, how’d you do that to your knee?
that sucks ://
omggggg that’s scary,, r you nervous ??
h o w