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It was me (max) not you I saw something that seemed like t was about Cam but wasn’t. Sorry I should have checked first
no Peyton I didn’t mean you, I though Morg had said something to you but I read it wrong..... and no it’s not okay...
you shouldn’t have to deal with my stupidity
Really? what about Toby?
*hugs you tightly* heh, your so short it’s adorable.
Dylan is really lucky :)
I always will :)
but Dylan needs you
*hugs you back* *chuckles*
lol thanks. I’m also an àsshole.. *smears whipped cream on your face* HAH! GOT YA!
*spins in circles*
*sets you down and tickles you*
*laughs* (I have to take Cam to her appointment, I’ll be back when I can!)