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hi, sorry I haven’t been answering, turns out I have the flu and so I pretty much slept the day away. sorry:(
Hey, Sorry ❤️
I have to leave soon. I have a question also.
are you mad ?
I don’t know you just seem mad
love you too 💜
-looks at you-
-sits in your lap- Are you tired baby?
Get some rest baby. -gets off of your lap-
-smiles at you softly- You’re adorable
-smiles and sits on the floor doing homework-
*kisses you and smiles* I love you (Jimmie isn’t on tonight) -Sav
so close to 300!🎉😱
what? *smiles* why didn’t you tell me when she was coming?
-does homework quietly-
hi cutie *smiles and kisses you* how are you feeling? -J. hi baby *smiles while holding Levi* -S
hello *smiles looking down at her*
sure *nods*
whaaaaaat 💙
love you too
*cradles her softly in my arms*
*smiles and rocks her gently*
she’s looks a bit like Preston
love you more ❤️
-blushes- thank you ☺️
post your bioooooo
it’s okkkkk
-smiles and sits in your lap-
I don’t know.
-smiles softly-
I leeerve you
it means I love you 😂
*kisses you* he’s good, he has teeth coming in so he’s been very whiny -Sav
that’s good to hear *kisses you* -J
this is so motivational I love it! can u check out my page and tell me what u think?
he’ll be fine *smiles and kisses his cheek*
she’s good *smiles and points to her* she’s playing with baby dolls like usual -J
*kisses you and smiles* I love you -Sav
*laughs* thanks hottie -J
*smiles and lays Levi down on his play mat* -S
*kisses you and laughs* what? what did I do?
4 months baby *smiles*
yes you are *smiles and sits down on the couch*
I know *smiles and watches him* -S
*rubs your belly and smiles*
*kisses you and smiles* -S
*kisses your forehead and turns on the tv* -J
*blushes* stop Wes
*watches tv while holding Cate* what do you wanna watch princess
*holds your hand and smiles*
*rubs your belly and holds Cate* -J
*kisses you* do you wanna go to the beach, my mom said she would watch Levi today -S
*holds you close to me and smiles* -J
*smiles and stands up, picking Levi up* okay
*watches and holds both of you*
(remix us, it can on the same collage)
good morning:): you still love me..?
.. I don’t know
-sits next to you-
..looking for something?
okay -smiles softly-
love you too
okay, what do you wanna do -looks at you-
I’m very indecisive 😂
-laughs- I jus wanna cuddle you
-sits in your lap and rests my head on your shoulder-
-wraps my arms around your neck and kisses your neck softly-
-kisses you softly-
-bites your bottom lip softly and giggles-
thank you
-smiles rests my head on your shoulder again-
-kisses you-
-smiles- You’re so cute
eeeh no
eeeh fine -smiles-
-kisses you-
I love you
-giggles- Thank You. but you’re hotter
maybe I should post more often ? -winks and laughs-
-laughs- Okay
okie okie I get it 😂 you think I’m pretty ❤️
-blushes- aweee
I love you too
my baby is hotttt toooo
-kisses you back-
not not not
-stares at you- No.
eeeh Fine
-giggles- You’ve said this beforeeee
thanks baby , yours is too
love you too :)
I have some studying to do and then I’m going to bed ❤️✨ GoodNight Baby 🌹
sorry we have been on a lot, there is a lot going on with one of our friends and it’s hard to be on and be there for him at the same time
hello baby
hi handsome -s
he’s doing great -s
I love you too princess -t
I’m good. how are you? -s
hey buddy *smiles* -t
gooood -s
not reallyyy -s
I’m here now bud -t
*smiles* I love you -s
*chuckles and picks him up* -t
:) -s
I know. *smiles* never too big dad -t
1 -s
*smiles and holds him* -t
I know. baby remix me. I have to show you something -s
what do you wanna play buddy?
okay *smiles*
*puts him down*
*smiles and sits on the floor*
hey hey be nice Preston
Preston. apologize to your mom
can she play now?
*smiles* good boy
Good Morning Beautiful 💙😂💙
restarting sounds really good rn😁
-laughs- But you have to post everyday too
hi Wes *hugs you and kisses you* -Sav
ooo what is it *smiles* -J
how are you *looks up at you and smiles*
tell me tell me tell me *laughs* -J
I’m good *smiles* wanna head to the beach now, my step mom is watching Levi today
*kisses you* that’s great -J
okay *smiles and grabs my bag* ready?
*smiles and holds you close to me* we should start thinking of names
*walks out and holds your hand* I love you
what names do you like *sits on the couch while holding my arms out for you* -J
*walks over to the car and puts my bag in the back*
*pulls you into my lap and cuddles you* -J
*gets in and buckles* thank you baby
*holds you and smiles* how about Caden and we call him Cade *smiles* -J
*finishes buckling*
did good with what?
*smiles* thank you
*chuckles* so much for playing
*smiles and grabs a water from the fridge
I know *laughs*
whatever my wife wants to do
Have a good day baby ❤️☺️
please post.. :(
I’m baaack
oh cråp. I forgot. I’ll post right now.
how come you aren’t able to post?
-laughs- Quiit.
I don’t even understand 😂
Gnnnnn 💫❤️
hey.. I might be leaving pc..
I don’t know.. Aspen and a bunch of other people on my account said that they don’t want to be apart of the account anymore. so it depends on who’s leaving and who’s not. if more than half are leaving then I have to leave too..
I know. I’ll miss you too. but I have a 50/50 chance.
I have to go to school. I hope I’ll be on later. I love you so much. ❤️
hey , aspen said I could stay :)
love you too
-giggles- Thank You
you’re hot as well 🤤🤤❤️
I have a D in math 😬
yeeeaaa and my math professor hates me
hello princess
I’m good. how’ve you been?
wow.. u do amazing stuff...❤️💖💖. I really like ur work and keep it up contest on my page 💖💖it would mean a lot to me if u entered❤️💖💖💖-@Tilly17
good *smiles*
she’s doing good 🙂
I love you too princess ❤️
-smirks- Thank You Daddy
i don’t know, I just felt like saying it ☺️
-smiles softly-
love you too
-rests my head on your shoulder-
-smiles softly- Wanna go to the park?
*laughs* are the sparks still there?
tell her that he is doing well
okay 🙂
we should set them up babe
let’s have a dinner at our house but we can make them eat outside and we can stay inside because we have to watch the kids.
okay :)
whenever you think itll be ready
I can barbecue. maybe you can make sides?
*smiles and goes outside to start the grill*
*grills the meat*
*grills the meat*
dumb question but how do you post a pic
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yes princess. is it all ready?
I’ll call alex *smiles*
*texts alex to come over*
where is that
*sits on the couch*
*holds harlee*
a: *rings the doorbell*
a: *walks inside* alex hello *smiles and waves*
sorry for advertising it’s just I’m not getting noticed but could you please check out my account okay ahh sorry sorry sorry byee
a: *smiles* hi octavia
a: sure. *nods*. *gets up to get the meat off the grill*
follow for follow
follow me for more content
this is cute
a: *gets up and kisses olivia’s head before sitting down*
t: *starts serving the food*. s: hi olivia *smiles*
hello -s
t: hold on. *clears my throat* octavia and alex. the adults are sitting outside. come on
a: *follows*
t: *points to the patio table* me and kenzie will sit across from you both after we check on the kids. go ahead and eat. don’t wait up for us. *takes your hand quickly going inside leaving them alone outside
a: *sits by octavia*. t: *walks inside and smiles* now we eat in here and if they ask why we didn’t eat outside we say we wanted to watch the kids
a: ive been good *chuckles* a bit lonely but i’m good
a: *nods and eats* how’ve you been?
a: if she’s ever too much, you can always bring her to me
a: *smiles and eats*
*puts my hair behind my ear and eats*
a: *glances at you, bites my lip, then eats*
*raises my eyebrow* i beg to differ
*looks around, reaches my hand over, placing it on your upper thigh* you’re very hot, baby girl
a: *looks around again, gently holds your chin, leans in to kiss you*. t: babe! look!! hurry!!!
a: *gently presses my lips against yours*. t: *grins* i hope it did
a: *moves my hand from your chin and picks up my fork again, eating*. t: i can’t tell. is she mad? did she like it?
t: it looks like it got awkward *laughs*. a: rats
a: *eats*. t: *chuckles*
a: *finishes?
looks cool
what are you gonna talk to her about
and we know he likes her🙂
now what?
i know baby
hey -a
a: oh yeah? why is that?
*laughs* and she made us talk so we could be set up
*smiles* i don’t know how set ups work
sure like what
let’s go see the maze runner?
*puts my shoes on*
talking olive?
thennn lets go. we can walk
*walks outside*
*keeps walking*
shy? *chuckles* nah
*gets here and buys us tickets and popcorn and drinks*
uhhh babe. we have a problem -t
alex is really upset
he’s yelling at himself for falling for her again
i deleted it. i’m gonna make a new one -s
well he’s mad and he’s gone. he said he’s never coming back - t
he left. who knows what he’s gonna do
oh well he won’t answer any of my messages or calls
follow me!!!!!!!
follow me!!!!!!
hi princess 🙂
be happy and enjoy it
i love you moreee
very true 😋
yes i do 😘
i love you most
mostester 🧡
very intriguing 🌿👍🏼
follow me!!!!!
I’m making an account by myself Wes! Please tell Aspen I’m so sorry but Jimmie has to leave
I’ll comment on here with my new account
hi baby *smiles and kisses you* now I can be on a lot more
*smiles wide* I love you so much
what new boyfriend? I haven’t talked to anyone on here but you and Lauchrey’s girlfriend
Wes we didn’t make that page please listen to me
babyyyyyy 🙂🙂
what whole story???
Wes I swear to you that I didn’t make that account and it didn’t even say anything about me on the account?!?
I’m not in college though I’m a senior in high school and next year I’m taking a year off school and being a teacher intern because that’s what I want to be
almost everyone else is in college but not me or Jackson
hi princess 💚
the only person that left because they found a girlfriend was Logan which is why I think that squad or whatever made the account because she doesn’t like me anyway
I do believe you but they probably deleted so I wouldn’t see it
it really wasn’t me because half the people on there no one dated like maci or rose
I’ve never even used the middle finger emoji
i will soon princess
L: *hugs you*
L: *climbs off of you and goes to his room*
L: *plays with his toys quietly* *burps fiona, before setting her on the floor and washing the dishes*. F: *crawls to the couch*
F: *giggles and lays on your chest*
F: *smiles and pats your chest* dadaaa
F: *giggles*
*walks over to you* do you still want to go to the park?
i’ll go get liam and then we can get going
*goes to his room* L: i’m gonna break up with emma mommy
why baby? L: because i want to be just like daddy and daddy doesn’t like her and i don’t either *smiles*. F: *nods and claps*
*laughs* okay do what you want but put your shoes on so we can go to the park. L okay! *puts his shoes on and runs to the living room*. F *smiles and laughs*
L: *jumps* park park park!! F: *bounces in your arms, giggling*. *slips my sandals on*
ready? *smiles* L: *looks up at you, reaching his hand up to hold yours*
let’s go *smiles and heads out the door*. L: *smiles and hops beside you*
L - *gulps it down quickly*
L - go with mommy and fifi?
*smiles as you guys walk up* F - *squeals and reaches for you* L - hi mommy
*smiles* hello, my loves F - *screams* dada!! L - *smiles and holds my hand*
F - *giggles and grabs onto your shirt*
*smiles and holds liam’s hand* ready to go home for lunch?
let’s get going then *smiles* L - *hops* F - *holds onto you*
F - *giggles and nods*
L - *starts to skip*
hello anyone i’m alexandra
thank you daddy☺️💗
could please please please post daddy:))))))))
good I can’t wait to see your cute little face 💗💗💗💗
I just got home from school
*walks with you*
*smiles and holds your hand*
*smiles and walks*
*walks inside, goes to lay fiona in her crib since she’s already asleep*
liam needs to eat lunch and then take a nap *smiles*
L - chicken nuggies!!
*laughs softly and walks to the kitchen, taking the bag from the freezer*
*smiles* i’ll show you, love. come here
*pulls out a small pan and puts some chicken nuggets on it* all you have to do is pop them in the oven for ten minutes and then your sons lunch is done
*smiles and puts the pan in the oven* ten minutes and it’s done
mm once he’s asleep we can justtt wàtch a movie or something?
*smiles and sits on the counter*. L - mommy, juice?
L - t’ank you *smiles and drinks it
*hears the timer go off, slides off the counter and grabs a towel*
*serves his nuggets* want some babe?
okay *smiles and puts the plate in front of liam, giving him goldfish on the side*
no no baby sit down *smiles*
*laughs softly and sits down* thank you
I know that's been happening I don't know why but I'm good wbu
okay it’s alright
yea sure
*plays* yea right
*chuckles and plays*
u did win cutie im dead
I jinxed myself
no *sits*
I got beat by a girl
don’t matter
t or d
t or d
kiss me
*kisses back*
*kisses u with tongue* do u just wanna make up
that was amazing
be my gf
*smiles big*
I love u
*smiles and watches as liam eats*
*smiles and glances up at you* i love you L - *eats and smiles*
L - all done mommy! *smiles and stands up, cleaning his mess*
liam it’s nap time. L - *tears up and shakes his head* no nap
L - *keeps shaking his head as tears run down his face*
L - *wipes his eyes and holds your hand* i nap with you?
*smiles as i finish cleaning his mess* L - *smiles and sniffles, laying beside you*
L - *frowns and curls up in a ball*
L - cuz you don’t take naps by yourself. you always sleep with mommy and i want to be just like you so i don’t want to nap by myself
L - you didn’t take naps with your mommy or daddy?
L - *sits up and looks at you* but i don’t like naps, daddy
L - *thinks for a minute, then climbs out of your bed and runs to his room, getting in his bed and covering in his blankets, quickly closing his eyes*
*dries my hands after washing the dishes and glances at you* where’s liam?
*smiles* how’d you do that?
yes daddy?
*rubs ur booty*
awe baby
*bites lip*
*puts my head to the side so u kiss my neck*
mmmm bbg my favorite
*bites lip*
*kisses u*
*whispers sexy things in ur ear*
*looks at u*
oh okay daddy :)
*kisses back*
*kisses ur neck*
okayyy *smiles* 💖💖
*leaves hickeys*
there everyone knows who has u now
*smiles and holds it*
yes bbg *holds u*
*holds u*
I love u
*holds u*
he’s so gullible *smiles* aren’t you going to take a nap?
okay then *smiles* but if you want to take a nap, you can
okay so movie?
*smiles and sits with you after grabbing a blanket*
*lays the blanket over our laps* what movie?
make a bio baby❤️
Hello anyone, I’m Nik
ready for our trip!!💗💗
hi handsome
good and tired, you?
*smiles and hugs back, kissing back*
i love you too *smiles*
whatever you’d like
*laughs softly and taps your pout* no i picked last time
*frowns* please
fine *crosses my arms and sits on the couch*
*watches you with a raised eyebrow* don’t be meannn. cuddle with me *jumps up and smiles, holding onto your hands*
bed bed bed
*follows after you, smiling*
*lays under the covers*
*curls up in a ball*
*nods* yes why? *looks up at you, smiling small*
you okay? *rubs your arm*
okay *nods*
*closes my eyes*
*keeps my eyes closed, snuggling in the blankets*
love you too ❤️
*breaths softly with my eyes closed*
*slowly falls asleep* Liam - *runs into the room, talking loudly* daddy!!!
liam - *climbs in bed and lays between us* okay *whispers*
liam - me and fifi colored and watches ‘toons!
liam - *pats your chest, making drum noises*
liam - *covers his mouth and laughs softly, whispers* oopsies. sorry
liam - *copies you*
liam - *opens his eyes and pokes your chest*
liam - *uses his fingers and tries to open your eyelids*
liam - *screams in fright and quickly crawls off the bed and runs to his room, shutting the door*. *sits up quickly* what’s wrong??!
liam - *hides in his closet and cries quietly* *raises my eyebrow and goes to check on fiona*
liam - *covers his mouth tightly so you can’t hear him crying*
liam - i sorry daddy *starts crying again*
liam - *holds onto your neck and sniffles, hiccuping*
liam - *wipes his eyes and hiccups*
liam - stay with mommy and daddy
liam - is daddy gonna go to bed?
liam - yes. i go to bed with mommy and daddy. *carries fiona to our bed and lays down with her*
*glances over at you* are our kids clingy or what? *smiles small* F - *crawls over to you, lays on top of your chest* L - *snuggles close to our sides*
F - *holds onto your shirt and closes her eyes* L - *closes his eyes* *smiles and mumbles quietly* we don’t have room for a third kid on this bed, if we wanted another one
all - *falls asleep*
I looovveeee youuuu
you should post
post for me now baby
yes yes yes?
I miss you more:(
you should post
I have family in town so I can’t be on much
I’ll be on a lot hopefully tomorrow
hi 🙂
hi.. I’m sorry and I know I miss you too... stuff has just been happening here.. like big stuff and I just haven’t had time... I’m so so sorry
he’s good
3 1/2 months
yeah, he’s getting big:)
asleep in his room
*wraps my arms around your neck and kisses back gently* I missed you too baby
*smiles up at you* I love you
*intertwines our fingers*
i miss you too 😕
I promise you I do:)
thank you!❤️ and I’ll remix you when I’m done and we can go on that date❤️❤️
hi hi anyone! ‘m Laurel! 💕💗💝
are we not gonna finish our date?:(:
hehe😂thats the best picture I have of myself
according to you an you only😂
I love you so much❤️
ugh I’m so bored:(
I love you toooo
hey since we never went to the beach at night for the second part of that date the other day, can we go now?
if so just remix me^^
baby post something please
babbyyy don’t say you fell asleeeeppp I’m gonna cry if you did😭
you never posted:/
hi (:
i miss you too 🙁
just taking care of the kids (: you?
aw poor baby ☹️
i missed you too
spend time with you
um lets cuddle?
*lays beside you, smiling*
*smiles and kisses you back*
*smiles and runs my hand up the front of your shirt*
*whispers* you know what the does to me
i think you know
*pouts and looks at you with puppy eyes,closing your hand in between my thighs*
now do you know, sir ? *runs my fingers down your leg*
not fair *giggles softly and pulls the waistband on your pants down a little, resting my hand on your v line*
but daddy! *puts my hand back on your v line, going a little lower*
*pouts and decides to place my hand on your crotch over your pants*
is that bad, daddy? *giggles and palms you teasingly*
what daddy? *smirks softly*
why isn’t fair, daddy, tell me? *smiles and begins to palm you again*
*smiles and keeps palming you* do you like that daddy?
*pouts* meany
daddy! not fair!
*bites my lip and gives you an innocent look as i sneak my hand back to your crotch*
daddy’s doing it.. why can’t i?
*smiles and starts to palm you again*
*bites my lip and slides my hand into your boxers*
*moans softly, wrapping my hand around your bulge*
*climbs on top of you*
*takes my shirt off and tosses it to the side*
yes daddy *nods*
*lets it slide off my arms, falling to your chest*
*leans forward, presses my chest against you as i kiss your lips*
*grinds on you as we kiss*
*grinds some more, moaning softly into your mouth*
*pulls away slowly and giggles* did i turn you on daddy?
i know i did *smiles proudly*
*smiles and kisses you roughly, rubbing your v line*
*moans into your mouth* n-not fair!
*whines and whispers* n-not fair..!
*puts my face into your neck and whines more* daddy!
*squirms, trying to move away from the pressure* n-not fair, sir!
thank you *catches my breath and smiles, brushing my hand up and down your bulge* daddy take off his pants and boxers?
*giggles and stares at you*
*climbs onto your lap*
*smiles and starts to give you a lap dance*
*continues to dance*
*dances for awhile and then climbs off your lap and slips off my panties*
*gets back onto your lap, positions myself and sits down as your dîck slides in me*
*begins to bounce on your lap, moaning softly*
*holds onto your shoulders and keeps bouncing*
*moans loudly and tilts my head back as i push you back on the bed*
*keeps bouncing on you, moaning and squirting*
*rolls over, pulling you on top of me*
*moans loudly, arching my back*
*moans and starts to cûm*
*leans my head back* m-more
hi 🙂 i missed you so much
*sits by you and holds your hand, smiling*
hi.. I’m sorry I’ve been gone. I haven’t been feeling well:(
sorry I thought I remixed you but I didn’t
*smiles and plays with your fingers*
i think you should see your kids *smiles at you*
I’m sorry I’ve been gone:(
well I’m there isn’t any blood in my throwup anymore so I think I’m getting better🤷‍♀️
sorry that’s prob too much information ^^
we don’t know?”
we think maybe just a bacterial infection in my stomach or something
yeah! your choice!
napping upstairs
*smiles* alright like what?
I don’t wanna
they are playing together in liams room
liam - *looks up and smiles* daddy! fiona - *sees you, smiles and stands up, walking over to you slowly while she tries to stay balanced without falling*
f - *grabs onto your pants so she doesn’t fall and giggles* l - *stands up and moves his toy*
f - *sits in your lap* L - wanta play, daddy?
L - trucks *grins wide and hands you a truck*
L - *smiles and makes truck noises*
*stands in the doorway watching* can we go out for lunch?
*takes fiona off your lap and walks to her room*
L - *bounces around while you change him*. *puts fiona’s hair in two ponytails and a big bow on her head*
L - *smiles and runs to the mirror and dances a little bit, laughing*
L - do i look like you daddy? *runs back to the mirror when you finish his hair*
L - yay! *runs to fiona’s room and smiles* all done mommy! *smiles* you look handsome *sets fiona on the floor*. F - *walks around the house, falling a few times while she looks for you*
*goes to our room, pulls out some jean shorts and a t shirt* L - *tries to pick up fiona* F - *screams*
F - *grabs your leg and hides behind you* L - nothing *smiles innocently*
L - *puts his arms in the air and shrugs* nothing F - *hides her face in your neck* *comes out to check what’s going on*
L - *turns red and sits down on the floor, crossing his arm and looking down* what did you do, liam? you’re going to be grounded if you don’t tell your dad
L - i just tried to pick her up.. *frowns and tries not to cry*
alright bud. say sorry and then put your shoes on so we can go. L - *looks at you and whispers* sowwy...
L - *runs to his room and gets his shoes*
*grabs my phone and goes to liams room, picking him up* L - *frowns and lays his head on my shoulder* F - *lifts her head and puts her hand into your hair and giggles*
*buckles liam in his seat and kisses his head before getting in the passenger seat*
*buckles in and leans my head back on the seat*
*watches out the window*
*glances at you and gives you a small smile, holding your hand in mine*
*smiles small, looking out the window*
*unbuckles and kisses your cheek before getting out of the car and opening the back door*
*takes liam out of his seat and holds his hand, grabbing their bag*
*follows you inside* F - *instantly puts her hands in your hair, playing with it*
*looks up at her and smiles* F - *giggles and keeps playing with it* L - *looks around*
*sits liam on the inside of the booth, then sits by him*
*laughs softly and leaves liam sitting there, sits on the other side* better?
*laughs a bit more and pushes your arm playfully* stop itt.
mhm *smiles and kisses your cheek* you can put fiona with liam. just put her on the inside
*smiles and puts one hand on yours, using my other hand to look over the kids menu*
baaabbbeee you pick
liam, do you want chicken nuggets or a hamburger? L - burger *plays on his ipad*
*smiles and glances at you, rubbing my thumb over your hand, whispering* yes, daddy?
you always have my attention *smiles at you*
i know *brushes my lips against yours before looking back at the menu*
*places my hand on your crotch once you’ve moved your hand off my thigh*
that’s what you do to me *smirks slightly*
*gently rubs my palm against you as i look at the menu* what’re you going to get babe
*leans over whispering in your ear* your dîck when we get home *smiles and moves away from your ear* i think i’ll have a salad
*smiles and watches levi and fiona play, rubbing you a bit more*
*smirks softly and continues to palm you even when you have your hand on mine*
that’s what i want *squeezes your crotch gently*
oh fooey. you’re being boring *pouts and moves my hand*
maybee *smiles small and orders our drinks*
*closes my legs on your hand from sensitivity and looks at you, giving you a small smirk* girls don’t get bôners or get hard
too late *bites my lip and opens my legs for you*
*chews on my lower lip, taking hold of your arm*
*lets out a barely audible gasp, holding onto your arm tighter*
*quickly turns my face into your arm to quiet a moan*
*fights the urge in my hips to buck up*
*grips your hand as i let out a deep breath*
*takes a deep breath right as i feel i’m gettin extremely wet, looks at and smiles in agreement*
*continues to catch my breathing as i cut liams burger into small pieces for him, then blowing on the mac n cheese for fiona*
*watches as the kids start eating them eats my food*
*puts my hand on your thigh and eats*
f - *eats and gets it all over her face* *smiles and finishes* l - *gets ketchup on his face once he’s done*
F - *screams and tries to move her face away from the napkin* L - *starts whining for no reason* Liam stop. we’re going home
*laughs and shakes my head* nope nope you do it. she always does this *picks up liam from the booth, standing up and grabbing their bag*
f - *cries and tries to move the napkin*
f - *cries* it’s naptime. they are both going to be bratty and emotional
*follows you* L- *whines* no nap!
yup. daddy is going home to take a nap. L - *sniffles* nap wif daddy? F - *yawns and rubs her red eyes*
L - no! i wanta nap wif daddy! *buckles him in*
L - *cries and hides his face* *shakes my head a laughs a bit as i get in the car and buckle up*
l - *cries* f - *whines and sucks on her thumb* *looks out the window smiling*
L - *eventually starts sniffing as he yawns* F - *falls asleep*
*holds your hand* L- *starts falling asleep*
we aren’t really taking a nap right? i don’t think these panties will allow that *bites my lip softly*
*smiles and unbuckles, taking fiona out of her car seat, being careful not to wake her
*takes fiona to her bed and tucks her in*
*closes the door and walks to our room*
baby you should post
hello anyone , I’m Mason
hey, I’m sorry Tara is actually in the hospital in bed rest right now. I was supposed to tell you and forgot. But, I will let her talk to you as soon as she’s allowed too
hi daddy 💜
tired and i’m not sure why 😣
*laughs softly and wraps my arms around you*
watching cartoons in the living room
*smiles and walks after you*
liam - *sees you walk in and smiles* watch toons with us!
liam - yogi bear *grins* F - *climbs onto your lap*. *sits by you*
*slips my arm into yours, laying my head on your shoulder*
*smiles small, watching* you want anything, baby?
i guess i have three babies huh? *laughs softly* liam - shhh
liam - *laughs quietly when you look at him*
f - *giggles quietly, cuddling in your lap*
*smiles and glances at you occasionally*
liam - watch movies! f - nanimals!!!
whatever you want *smiles at you, removing my arm from yours as i lean back*
which two? theres three of us *laughs softly*
l - movies! f - nanimals!!!
*smiles and kisses your cheek* that’s what happens when you have two kids, baby
*smiles and yawns quietly*
her stomach losers were bleeding into her stomach so her stomach is draining and she’s been sleeping a lot because of heads from the tubes they shoved down her face
posttt 😩😩😩
please *pouts with my bottom lip out*
daddy 😤
please 😢
now pretty please
hey babe
why not? 😤
i loveyou
heh okay
*laughs softly, wrapping my legs and arms around you*
*smiles and kisses your neck*
watching the kids grow up as usual
they’ve grown too much. fiona isn’t even a baby anymore 😢
we’re getting old 🙊
too old
you’re 24?
😩 my old man
i’m 23
shut up
🙊 daddy no. i’ve been god
dadddy 😤
it’s not fair *crosses my arms*
i’ve been gooood
yay! 😇😇
yes sir 🙈 there won’t be a next time because i’m always goood
*smiles and sits next to you*
i dunno *crawls onto your lap*
*pecks your lips*
*smiles* post now?
thank youu
i’m waiting😋
it’s not done 😤😤😤😤
yeah I’m okay, just a little tired:)
you didn’t post
it’s okay, sorry I haven’t been on:(
you sure? I feel really bad:(
I missed you too. remix me?
meany 😣
i love you tooooo but that doesn’t mean i’m going to let you get away with not posting 🧐
because i want to see your hot face 👀👅
you’re sexy 🤤🤤🤤🤤
nope you 😍🤤😍🤤😍🤤
stop arguing with me daddy
yes you are
you’re sexy as hèll 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤
that’s mean 😒
i love you tooo
kiss me
*smiles and kisses you back*
*smiles against your lips*
i love you even though you’re a meany 😇
*raises my eyebrow at you and tilts my head*
i love you ❤️❤️
just making sure🤩🤩🤩
can you post for me baby☺️
it’s pending review
it’s pending again
night baby I’ll be on a lot tomorrow afternoon
I’m back I’m back I’m back:)
you haven’t posted 😤
i miss you too😩
what are we gonna do
i always pick. it’s your turn
hold me *puts my arms up*
*smiles and holds on*
*smiles and swings my legs*
nothing 🙁
i want you too
i love youu
go to sleep💗
goodnight ❤️
post baby
I love you more hubby
hey Jimmie wanted me to tell you to tell Aspen that he is coming back soon
I remixed back baby, did you not see it?, I miss you too:(
hi 😑
no post 😤
because i wanna see your hot face
you’re my sexy daddy
I’m sorry I’ve been asleep, surprising thing to wake up to though. I don’t think you should be afraid, it’s fast really fast but who knows what could happen but I wanna take things slow
noooo don’t say sorry, I’m flattered honestly
I’m not going to forget, and no take backs Eli, it’s okay alright ?
because I think it’s cute and really sweet
it is cute and I find it very attractive you told me how you were feeling
most guys can’t do that
don’t be ☹️
hi baby ❤️ - alex
i missed you too happy birthday big girl!
i know. daddy has a gift for you
*smiles and gets a bag from my room handing it to her*
*inside is a new dress and headband and a ballerina doll*
*smiles and hugs her back* my big girl
work, baby. daddy works for the army now
um. i go different places to help save the world from bad people
it’s scary sometimes baby
because it’s a dangerous job
i won’t baby *smiles and picks her up*
you’re getting too big, princess
your mom is doing a good job at raising you *smiles and kisses her cheek* please tell her i said hello
i’m feeling much better than the last time i talked to her *smiles*
oh do you? what’s his name? *smiles, pushing hair out of her face*
*laughs and shakes my head* as long as he treats you like a princess. and if he breaks your heart you tell me and i’ll break his face
*smiles and puts her down*
soon, baby
sure princess. what do you want to eat
*chuckles* i have leftover spaghetti. is that okay?
sit at the table. i’ll heat it up
*puts the spaghetti in the microwave and pours her a cup of juice*
*chuckles* i love you too sweetie *serves us plates*
what do you want to talk about, baby? *smiles as i begin eating*
how’s ballet,
that’s good, baby *smiles and eats* how’s your mom
that’s not nice *chuckels*
she doesn’t have a boyfriend?
*smiles and nods as i eat*
what did you make her *smiles*
that’s very nice
how’s school
you have good grades?
he’s at work right now. do you want me to tell him something?
he’s off of work now lol
hi baby, do you need something?
okay, anything in particular?
nothing, princess *smiles and kisses her head*
i train, like i work out, but really really hard work outs
sprinting, we also do something like hide n seek
*smiles and nods, holding her* where’s your mom working
she’s a nurse?
*chuckles and nods* hm.. how about we go see her?
i’ll have to stop by the store before, but you do have your moms attitude *chuckles and picks her up, grabbing my keys*
yes you doo *smothers her face in kisses as i walk to the car*
*smiles and buckles her in the car, getting in as well*
well, the way you act serious a lot of the time. *drives*
you deny any compliment or any critisism.
you’re doing it right now *laughs and parks the car*
*gets her out, walks inside*
*picks up a bouquet of flowers*
you can have one flower from it but they are for someone else. someone i love very much *smiles and heads to the register*
*pulls out one of the flowers, handing it to you and then pays for them*
*smiles and walks back to the car with her*
*helps her back into the car, buckling her in then gets in and stars driving*
they take care of people. the girl these flowers are for works as a nurse at the hospital *drives*
*parks at the hospital and unbuckles, getting out with the flowers and then taking her out*
i think youll like the girl these flowers are for *smiles, looking around*
mm... that’s a secret until you see her *smiles and heads toward a group of nurses*
*smiles holding your hand, looking at the group of nurse, where your mom is and smiles* ladies.. i’m looking for a miss octavia *looks directly at your mom*
hello, my dear *smiles and hands you the bouquet of flowers* a few scars here and there but i’m alive
*keeps your wrapped tightly in my arms* no need to apologize. that’s just made me a stronger and braver man
*smiles, wrapping my arm around you waist, giving all the ladies there a friendly nod*
do you mean today or overall? today i worked and then look olive to get these flowers and come see you. overall, i’m a soldier now. *motions to my uniform*
we will wait in the lobby for you *pecks the corner of your lips*
*smiles and picks up olivia, walking back to the lobby* so how’d you like the girl i love? do you approve?
*laughs and sits in a chair, holding her on my lap as i text someone*
*texts, smiling a bit *
a friend *smiles and kisses her temple*
um work, baby *bounces her on my knee*
*smiles and tucks my phone away, standing up* ready?
*smiles and heads outside*
*opens the car door for you, taking olivia and putting her in her seat*
*gets in and buckles* where would you like to eat?
i was thinking a drive thru and then you can talk olivia to your parents or something and i could take you out tonight?
yeah i mean like i’ll drop you and olivia at home and you can do whatever you need to do and i’ll be over to get you later late tonight
i’ll get her mcdonald’s. *smiles and drives off*
*goes through the drive thru ordering her a happy meal* want something small to hold you over? *looks at you+
*pays and gets the food, handing it back to her*
*starts driving again*
*parks the car at your house* i’ll pick you up at 9. dress fancy *smiles*
*smiles and watches you, realizing how much i’ve missed you*
*smiles and waves before driving away*
*goes home to my place and showers*
*relaxes in bed and seats an alarm for 7:30pm
*sleeps until my alarm goes off*
i remixed you
🤦‍♂️ i remixed myself
yes yes I got wrapped up in something sorry
alex got sent out again, not sure when he will back. so sorry
he's not, i'm sorry. i haven't received anything from him either
sure thing :) what should i say?
i'm so sorry. i'll let him know 💙
i got a letter back. he apologizes for not being here for you right now and that to tell his olive that he loves her
I’m back baby
hey octavia - a
hey, sorry i didn't get to you sooner. i got injured so i've been resting. how are you doing? is your health okay now?
yeah, i'm fine (: nothing to worry about
i'd love to see her
*sets my crutches aside and waits on the couch*
no, i'm fine thanks. hey baby girl *lifts her onto my lap, hugging her*
i missed you too, honey
sure thing *nods*
bye *holds olivia on my lap*
*plays with olivia's hair, nodding*
well, i can't do much because of my leg so i was thinking we could watch movies and cuddle and maybe order pizza?
i got hurt *smiles and kisses her head* pick a movie while i order the pizza
*calls in the pizza*
*hangs up and presses play on the movie*
*keeps my arms wrapped tightly around her*
i love you olive
work. lots of work *smiles and plays with her hair*
*hugs her back and a few minutes later the doorbell rings* i'll get it *sets her on the couch and grabs my crutches*
*walks to the door, opens it and pays, tries holding the pizza boxes and balancing on my crutches at the same time*
no, princess. i can do it *shakes my head, holding the boxes not able to move*
*looks at the delivery guy and then at you* dg - come help him kid
dg - *hands them to you* *sighs, thanking him and closing the door* i could have done it, olive. i just needed to fix mycrutches
you grew up to fast, baby *sits down at the table, setting my crutches aside*
*eats a piece of pizza*
that's good *smiles and nods* how old are you now, babe
you're such a big girl. i thought you were 6. silly me
you want to get that? *smiles and eats another piece*
hey. how was work
yeah, you can have some. there's plenty
*laughs a bit* be nice
she doesn't take you to work with her sometimes?
*chuckles some* i should take you to my office. there's lots of nice people there. i think you'd like it
she was. not me *laughs*
*smiles and wipes my mouth*
wish i could but i'm not able to do much of anything with my leg like this
*looks at you* if you're okay with movies, we could do that
*gets up with my crutches and goes to the other couchI
hey baby *smiles a little and kisses her head, watching the movie*
*shifts the position of my leg as i start feeling pain in it*
olive, stay with your mom okay? i'll be right back. *gently lifts her off of me and stands up*
*goes to the bathroom and takes some pills*
*comes back and sits down again*
yeah, my leg is just bothering me a bit
that's very kind. thank you
*watches the movie*
*glances at olivia then turns my attention back to the tv*
*watches the movie*
*yawns quietly*
this medicine makes me hella tired
if you want, olivia can stay with me. i was thinking about taking her to work with me tomorrow. not out in pakistan of course, but to the home base
okay *smiles and gets up with my crutches*
thank you *smiles a bit, fixing the crutches*
*heads to the back room*
*sets my crutches on the dresser as i grab sweats from the drawer*
you can lay her on my bed. i'm going to change and then go to sleep with her
*pulls the blankets back so you can lay her*
i'll take her home to you tomorrow evening if that's okay
alright. see ya *smiles and waves as you leave*
*changes into my sweats and then gently moves olivia to the wall and lays down*
*falls asleep*
*sleeps until the morning when my alarm goes off at 5*
*shuts off my alarm* hey don't cry. you're a big girl now. it was just my alarm
go back to sleep *kisses her head*
Wes I love you!!! please don’t listen to Dylan
I’m gonna block him now if that makes you feel any better