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hey read my text on the other post loves you😔❤️❤️❤️
Love u to ❤
Ur mom was the one that wanted me home my mom wasn't😔
Should see if u can at least hang out
Totally not worried about u
hey my mom wants me home for today but she said you can come over and she didn’t want you to go home right then she had no idea you were going home ig your mom offered to pick you up and she took it like that
I got you stuff if you wannabe over here for s’mores and shxxt since I can’t rly leave today
That's bull shxxt
Ask if I could spend the night
she said you can spend the night here as long as we don’t fight anymore today
I think I can
okay baby
you should come over please
I’m love deprived 😩
There fine with me spending the night
okay good come over I’m loved deprived I hasn’t had love in like an hour or two so I need love
You will❤
okay hurry up ❤️
did u have ur baby yet