Collage by Aesthetic_Goals


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what!!! why? nooo😨😭 I am going to miss you 💔😓
please understand it’s for reasons I don’t want to explain
Wait..... no no no no no no.... please... please don’t go! I don’t want you to leave... you are so fun and interesting... I know things piling up can be hard sometimes but please, even if you aren’t that active and you’re just around even a little bit, it would help so many people! it would definitely help me.... so I’m begging you not to go!
I haven’t known you for long but you’re already so amazing... no matter what happens I’ll always want you to stay!
...............It sounds like you’re dying 😫
Ill pray that you do! I’ll miss you so much _:(´ཀ`」 ∠):
Right back at you! You are an amazing friend... do you have Kik or something?? I don’t want you to fully disappear す😫
DÀMN it...
I’m going to miss you so much...,,
Goodbye... I love you, I’ll always miss you, so you’d better remember me!
I don’t have kik unfortunately, I love you to, and I wouldn’t forget you even if I become the queen
I won’t freaking forget you even if I baca,e the ruler of the universe!!
aww nooo