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Yay thx love ya mean it byeeee. see ya soon
wait a minute do you actually understand this stuff??? i am REALLY confused
it’s pretty easy. do you need help
how do you understand this?? when will i ever need to know this stupid stuff
i understand it because i pay attention in class instead of making tiktoks lexi
yeah that’s true. NOW HELP MEEEE
haha ok. so this is pythagorean theorem. so do you know what the formula for it is??
of course i don’t know it
haha duh. ok so it’s a^2 + b^2 = c^2. and you’re solving to find the hypotenuse which is the line that isn’t straight.
ok it makes a little bit more sense but i still don’t know what to do next
ok so then for a and b you use the numbers that are on the straight lines. so for the first one the numbers are 3 and 4.
ok and then you square them??
Yeah! and then you have to add them. and after that what do you do??
no idea
so c would be the sum of a + b. and then you have to find the square root
oh ok. i think i get it now. now i see why katherine asks you for help with math.
lol 😂
ok now i need help with AP. I don’t understand the difference between all the maps. It’s all the same to me!!!
really lexi. ok i’ll show you what i wrote down about it. hold on
ok thanks