It’s my birthdayyyyyyyy
💗 myaccountisdeadi’msosad

anyway I hope you all have a great day 

QOTD-When’s your birthday month 💗 AOTD-December aha ✨🎂✨

640x640 _underthesun_

TAP It’s my birthdayyyyyyyy 💗 myaccountisdeadi’msosad anyway I hope you all have a great day QOTD-When’s your birthday month 💗 AOTD-December aha ✨🎂✨

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happy birthday!! it’s nice to meet you too♥️
aotd : August
so pretty!! 😻😻😻
aotd: October ♥️
sure!! do you want to do text or background? ♥️
it really is 😂🙌🏼
same here
my old acc was rlly ded
aw thanks 💗 I am in love with your account
@caption happy bday meh fwen! AOTD: 11th of January
you’re welcome ♥️
happy birthday!
normally I have a party with my family & friends then I have a small party at my dads house :)
happy birthday!!🎉
aotd- April🌸
and happy birthday
ohhh I see
not good
flashback to when my old edits used to get 50+ likes
rip my old acc
aw tysm
I’m good, hru?😊
Awe thank you love 💕 I love yours also!
WOW BEAUTIFUL and hahaha samee
my dad
not much but I have to go bye and goodnight!
I do this thing, when I read and if something stands out, I fold the bottom corner of the page and go back to it later 😂👌🏼
I used to make one of those collages with everything in it, but then it got too confusing cause I had so many collages with quotes 🤷🏻‍♀️😅
aGHH this is so fricking pretty! Your aesthetic is always so beautiful, I love it! Happy birthday, btw😂😊Aotd: December!😆💗
yeah :))
can I do text?
he has cancer
night 💕💕
thank you
hi !! how are you?
oof I’ve had many😂 care to share yours?
love this 😊😊
thank you! I used the app Rhonna designs!
christmassss!!!! haha and summer wbu?
yeah you should pick a quote & background then I’ll do text & pngs if that’s alright :)
aw tysm 😊
stunning 👏🏻
Noo that’s the problem hahah
happy birthday !!😋🌟
love this sm btw!
aw happy soon birthday (or whenever it is) 💗💗💗
AOTD: January💕
it’s 6pm for me 😂
yep!! do you?
OMG Happy Birthday !! Have a lovely day 💖
do you want the theme to be a specific person or color? sorry I ask too many questions 😂
i was going to ask you a question but nvm
aww hope u had a amazing day
thank u !!
hey! stunning collage ❤️❤️🍒🍒🎄🎄 merry nearly Christmas! ❤️
ah I’m pretty good - a little stressed but hey life is good :) are you doing anything fun for Christmas?
yep!😂💕 and it is, as the French say, decembre! 😂 why don’t ya like ur bday sis?
i'll try. 💜
ur edits are so beautiful
AOTD: August
t h a n k s 🥰
AOTD: August
and hAPPY BIRTHDAY~~🎈 mine is in october skrt skrt🤠 alsooooOoOoOoo tYSM
I live in Australia! it’s beautiful here! apart from the heat, I could really go without that! nah, I’m joking! I love Australia! 🇦🇺
pretty good! I’m going to a dress rehearsal rn
oh yeah sure!! i forget- are you background or text?
oooohhhhhh! I’ve always wanted to visit England! what’s it like!?
re: ksksksksksk thank you!!
sorry I dont, but hey:)
thank you
Same lol, and no I just posted saying we haven’t had any lately. 🌨
omg wow ahha I’m good!! it’s so close to christmas
oh wow that sounds interesting ;) im headed out of town for a few days on sunday, and my brother is coming tonight so we’ll do a lil family present swap tomorrow ! this week has been sm fun with camp and getting to hang out with friends
tysm 💕💕
re: nah they're just chubby lmaø but thank thank
I know right 💓💓
could we do taylor to match my overall account haha?
NICE what’s upppppp
aww ty
also sure
for ballet :))
yAY :D
same!! that’s my favorite P!ATD song right now too :))
aw thanks!
oh sis I’m literally the absolute youngest in the grade
Hiya :)
yeppp 😊❤️
awww! thanks!
It’s fine lol and I knowww, right?! 🤭
text ig
ikr like wow 2019!!!!
Doing pretty well (so far haha) Just really looking forward to seeing my bf tomorrow :) Hby?
Aww tysm😍😍btw,this is pure talente
Aww tysm😍😍btw,this is pure talente
Tru. i don't celebrate xmas but i like gifting stuff to people and surprising them.
im sad hbu
RE: thanks! pretty good actually, getting into the Christmas spirit!!
yes I’m am
he really is!! ♥️♥️♥️
okay :) ♥️
oh yea I remember him
he was hilarious
That’s so true lol
awww thank you!!💓✨☺️tell me what you think of the movie!☺️
I’m aMAZING, what about you? :)
hi of course I remember you
it is ❤️
ahh ty !! oh my ive never been ice skating and im sure i’d fail so bad but sounds fun !!! pls don’t die hun 😂
Aha you tooo
aw thank youu!! and haha ikr, like I just got used to writing 2018
its winter break and i cant see my bf till next year
you’re welcome! :) merry Christmas Eve!
merry Christmas!
Ikr me neither
I am. I’m in Plymouth :) Have you ever been?
re: aye dude
same, does his brother still have an acc?
hahahah niceee. and thanks yeah you’re right ...
oh nice! I’m going to try to stretch more often 😅and get huger up in my dance company
yay :))💓☺️
not really haha I don't think I've ever met anyone who's kept their resolutions for more then a month. 😂
happy new year!! 🎉
haha thanks
Icon contest on my account!
aotd/april 💙
this is absolutely stunning
wanna be friends?💓💞💘my name’s mayra🌿💫🌸what’s yours?😘😝🙃
hey!! how are you ♥️
hi !! how’s it going?
btw I noticed your bio says “December”. it’s February dude
I’m so glad you enjoyed it!!!
ohhh yeah haha. i’m pretty good ! been super tired lately but honestly that’s how it’s been for the whole school year so :// last weekend was fun tho, my best friend came over and i rarely see her and my dad let me have a bunch of his old sweaters and t shirts so my closet got a nice lil update ! have you done anything fun lately?
thanks sm omg nice to meet ya Chloe (ik it’s not your real name but whatever still calling you that if ur okay with it lol 😂) So for the collab, do you wanna do bg or text?
you can go onto my remixes to see what type of collages I make
hey I’m doing pretty well considering I just woke up lol I have to go to school in a bit tho
aw ty! 💕 love ya
i’m glad you’re doing good!! i’ve been doing okay ♥️
Thank youuuuuu :)
I’ll do bg then and you can do text, what theme?
what about vacation theme? like a tropical theme
hi :)
Thanks so much!! 💖 glad you are back!
oof a bit tired but okay, you? :)
this sounds awkward but wanna be friends? 💖
uhhhh about November 2018 :) you?
oh yeah 😂 wowe that’s a long time
re: thank you my dude
the eye is gross ksndjf
I’ll be your friend
thank you 💕
thank youuu
yeah 😫 time flies 🤧
oh nice 😂☺️
omg hey!! im goodddd hru?
heyyy 😂♥️
okay! ♥️
I am feeling fabulosooo
What haha
I’m good hru and btw I’m Seraphine
ew exercise
oh 😂 just cleaning and eating ice cream and texting 😂🤩
hahaha fun, hahhaa I would die if I was on that for 10 minutes
hey! i’m okay :)) wbu? ♥️
tbh idk i’m gonna have to count them all haha
i definitely recommend it!! it’s so good! 👏🏼
okay!! i’m going to have to add those to that playlist ♥️
brb i’m gonna go do that now haha
okay i added them :)
Yeah 😂
thanks! I love your account!!
Yeah haha why
oh wow 😅 it’s 4:32 pm for me 😂
sounds intense
exercise is torturous😂
oh 😂 I’ve always wanted to go there, yeah you probably should haha
I’m too lazy to be sporty😂
well my cousin says that to the 1st graders she teaches when they ask so...I guess I got it from her.
hi i miss u more xo
I’m so lazy
that’s good :)) ♥️
I know she is 😂
sad. My cousins on my mom’s side are all married except one, so...yeah.
ok thanks so so much!! you are entered!☺️
how’s school!
I’ll have to check out all those other amber run songs 👌🏼
and sorry by Aquilo is amazing ❤️
yup she sure is.
yaaa same, like it’s only been 2 weeks and we have soooo much hw
follow for follow and I am holding a battle of collages if your interested please enter there are many prizes to win if you don’t want to it’s ok Thank you 💖
well that’s something anyways. My cousins on my dad’s side are all pretty close to my age.
thx cool
thank youuu you're so sweet
My acct is e x t r e m e l y dead. Can’t blame anyone. I act autistic. (Feedback from someone who hates me)
hello :)
meh is gOod
I miss ya too
re//: I’m good! just got back from quite a long break, but I’m happy to see pc hasn’t changed much! how are you doing? 💕
nah i’m alive 😂 i’m goood hru? 💗😌
yESS I’m so glad the song is growing on you as well! :D
I listened to it for the first time in months in like, mid-January on my Alexa when I was home alone and I just sang it out and cried🤣
september!! how are you?! its been so long😂
woah lucky!! haha lets do this
Re: Yeah, I’m doing okay I guess
omg chloe! I forgot what your account was called!
I’ve been gone for a while too, so you’re good.
how are you?
I’m doing pretty well I guess, school for me is pretty good, I’m in a year that isn’t really important, so I’m slacking while I still have the chance.
my parents care about my grades a lot though, so I kinda always have to have straight A’s, I dunno, life is really just kinda meh atm
ahhh I kinda do a rough outline and then pic collage normally fixes it up for me
ahhh well at least it’s half term!!
love your account!💕
Re: Hi
I’m doing pretty well, thanks for asking. it’s alright if you have to go inactive, pc is pretty much dead at the point, so I totally understand not logging on all the time. how are you?
Thanks! xx I’m doing great, actually :) and yeah, I changed my username because a) I’m a very different person then when I first joined PC; I’m a lot happier and I wanted my username to reflect that (new me, new name lol) and b) I was tired of SummerSeedrian64😂
Also idk if I told you this but Endless Possibility is the theme song of Sonic Unleashed lol. So it reflects me and my obsession🤣
awwww nooooo, how was your half term?
awh thank you so much!! And yesss 👏🏼let it all go is amazing
is your comment was a week ago and I’m sorry I didn’t notice it bUT thank you :)
I'm okay, just have a lot going on so I'm a bit stressed, how are you?
oooof. welp you can always send me stuff to help you with💕
hEY gang gang what’s going on
oh sorry hey, it’s Caitlin, my past user was -planetearth-
whoa this is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!
come enter my contest! you can win a fanpage or/and vote for feature! you get a prize that you choose even if you just enter!🌿
Anyone who’s commenting on Chloe’s posts, heccing follow this legend already and your life will be better guaranteed.
After following her: grades- flying. weave- in orbit. wig- snatched. skin- clear and glowing. light- hopeful. sO DO IT
this is awesome! love this aesthetic omg
hey this is beautiful well done!!! xxx
I’m sorry, what.
hi!! how are you? ♥️
oh my god 😂😂
yeah pc is extremelyyyy dead 😂🤦🏼‍♀️
but yaaaas 3 years is a major milestone girl! ♥️
hii love ur acc xx how are u?
I’m good
I don’t want to go back to skl lol
aw im great but I just woke up and today is a school day haha!
awww thank you so much for your comment it made my day!
and so are you I love your account
Wow! I LOVE your account so much! ♥️♥️
hey could you please go vote on my recent post? ❤️
aieeeeh gorgee
No problem! Just sayin’ the truth! 😊
my b-day is the 8th!! ♥️
lol I’m guuuuud
what’s up?💖💖💖 I missed talking to you
have any funny stories or anything?
how’s school?
Hey awesome collager! I’m holding a colour games and would love it if you joined and spread the word! Please hurry as it’s first come first serve! Thank you! ~ Madihah456 ♥️
re: i ended up deleting it sorry haha
this is beautiful❤️
oh lol
how’d it go(
I’ll let you know if there is any spaces left! Thank you!
hey how’s it going
Hey! I have a space left on my colour games! Do you mind going on team cool tone as it’s the only spots left? ♥️
Yea i do!
Hey awesome collager! The teams are up for the colour games! It is important to read what team you’re on as there may have been a change! And make sure to read the points system in REMIXES! Comment a 💫 when you’ve seen them both! Thank you! ♥️~Madihah456♥️
Hello! Earlier today I notified you about the teams for my colour games but I’m happy to say round 1 for my games are up! I hope you enjoy and it is due 16th October (1 week) so make sure to get your entry within the time or you’ll be eliminated! Thank you! ~ Madihah456 💖
Hello! Just wanted to let you know you haven’t entered round 1 for my colour games so I recommend you do as it’s due in 3 days! So make sure you get your entry in and don’t let your team down! ~ Madihah456 ♥️
No problem :)
Hi! Just wanted to let you know round 1 for my colour games is due in 2 days! So please hurry with your entry as if all the people on your team enter you’ll most likely have more points! Thank you! ~ Madihah456 😊
Hi collager! Just wanted to let you know round 1 for my colour games is due today! So please hurry as I’m giving you a FEW HOURS! Don’t let your team down! ~ Madihah456 ☺️
Ok! Thank you!
Hi, just wondering where’s your entry? Sorry I keep bugging you so much! 😂
Ok! 🥰
No problem! And for some reason it’s not letting me post? I’m not sure why
Hi! Just wanted to let you know round 1 results are up for my colour games! Sorry it took so long! Round 2 will be up soon! Thank you for being patient! ~ Madihah456 ☺️
Oh thank you I tried that and it worked! 😂♥️
And what do you mean by any order?
That will be on the round 2 post! I’ll always give you a update on the round posts! If that makes sense... 😂
So no the results aren’t in any particular order! 💖
it’s not a joke
thank you so much!! your acc is gorgeous
Hey collager! Round 1 results came out yesterday! And you were one of the people who survived! 😂 But anyway round 2 is now up and due on 26th October (6 days). So make sure to get your entry within the time! Good luck! ~ Madihah456 ☺️
haha yup
I’m good! hbu?❤️
how long has it been 😂 it feels like forever
ok atm. been super stressed though for exams, assessments and life in general
hbu? how's life treating this beautiful soul💓
Hey! Just wanted to let you know you have a 3 day reminder till round 2 results for my colour games comes out! And you haven’t entered so please hurry as you’ll be eliminated and lose points for your team! Thank you! ~ Madihah456 🥰
I mean, they don't mean too much but I still want to go ok💗
I'm glad you're doing well😊
Hi! You have 2 days till round 2 results for my colour games are out! And you haven’t entered! Sorry for the constant reminders but you’ll be eliminated and let your team down! So please hurry! Time is flying! ⏱ Thank you ~ Madihah456 ☺️
Yes please! Try your best as I’m gonna get the results out on Saturday
Hey collager just wanted to let you know, round 2 results are up for my colour games! Round 3 will be up soon if you made it! ~ Madihah456 ☺️
It’s 1 pm here but I’m going out the rest of the day in a few mins and won’t get to post the results!
I mean I can let you stay as long as you get your entry within today? I feel so bad as you were half way through so I’ll give you another chance! 🥰
Ok! Np! :)
Hey collager! Just wanted to let you know round 3 is finally up for my colour games! I forgot to put the due date on the post but i put it on the remix (you’ll get it once you come see it) and it is due 2ND NOVEMBER (6 days)! Good luck! ~ Madihah456 ☺️
thanks😊 You've motivated me so now you go find your motivation!! 😆✨
i’m doing pretty good, how’re you?😊
what’s your name? mine is sydnee.
ooo okay. smart lol
awww thanks💕💕 you’re so sweet😭💙
yeah i totally understand that. i’m just sad right now and just got over a guy i’ve liked for over 2 years
yeah, it’s hard. but i moved 2000 miles away, so what was i supposed to do?
oh no😬😬🤭
i’m trying to teach myself piano lol
yikes. i have three out of my four tests today haha one i’m taking in a minute 🤢
Hi! Just wanted to let you know you have 3 days to submit your entry for round 3 for my colour games! ~ Madihah456 ☺️
they went pretty great i’m taking another test today so we will see how that one goes lol
thank you!
Hi! Just wanted to let you know you haven’t yet submitted your entry for round 3 for my colour games! It is due in 2 DAYS! So please hurry as you want to gain extra points for your team! ~ Madihah456 ☺️
Hi! Sorry for the constant reminders but you still haven’t submitted your entry for round 3 for my colour games! It is due TOMORROW! So please hurry! You don’t want to let your team down! Thank you Madihah456 xx
hate accs and stuff
🚨WARNING: Copy and paste!🚨Hey awesome collager! Just wanted to let you know round 3 results are up for my colour games! PLEASE make sure to read the caption of the post as it is a very important NOTICE, but some of the caption got cut off due to it being too long so it is continued in the comments (the first comment) so make sure to read it! Round 4 will be up soon! Thank you for reading this long message! ~ Madihah456 ☺️
ahhh I’m decent but THANKSSSS
start? like making collages?
omg hiyaaa🙌🙌 im super gooddd wbu?? how are youu?
love this!🤩
i’m good! hru?
omg that sucksss. just take a nap😂
lol are you at school?
i’m at my last period, science. i hate this class😂🙄 lucky. i wanna be at home. we have school off tomorrow tho so i can sleep😂
bahaha 😂
i value my sleep very much. 😂
my sleep schedule is so messed up too😅
somehow even after all the exams school still keeps me so so busy😅😅 how is your school?
ooo good luck on your test and hw! yeah same omg probably cause I procrastinate on the weekends so I have to cram everything in on Monday
and I always have math homework😅
about 5 yrs ago❤️🐝
Hi just wanted to let you know you have 3 days till round 4 results come out for my colour games and you still haven’t submitted your entry! So please make sure to get it within the time! ~ Madihah456 ☺️
ah yes
Aw tysm that’s so sweet! Yours is too! 🥰
Ur account is so amazing!!
Thank u! U r so kind!!
I’m good.....
Awwww nooo! Hope u feel better soon!!❤️❤️❤️
I’m from Jamaica but I live in England
Lol! I’m in year 9
Thanks for the advice! Will do xx
Also, id like to put u in ma bio, what ur name?!
Aww ok! That’s cool!
I’m Jennae aka. Nae
Yesh I have
U know those ppl who remix a ton of things of family members on ur collages
It’s so annoying!!!
I just wanna throw two double jabs at them!
Hola amiga! It’s been awhile since I even touched this app lol
you mean 2😂
You’re telling me..
This is Gorgeous
Heyy ma gurl!
What’s good??
Kool! I’m doing my English homework rn
Re/ Thanks girl, ilysm :))
🚨 WARNING: Copy and paste! 🚨 Hey awesome collager! Just wanted to let you know round 4 results are up for my colour games! If you would like to know what stopped me from posting the results earlier please read the caption! Round 5 will be up soon! ~ Madihah456 ☺️
Aw tysm!
omg this is AMAZING
Haha true
eh I’m ok-ish
Thanks!! What good gurl?!
aww thank you
I could ask youu the same question :))))
chloe!? hii
heyy! it’s me! I missed youu
ah, I’ve been alrightt, wbuu?
that’s goood :)
I’m in year 9, wbu?
omg wow, how’s that’s going for you? do you enjoy school?
Hey, I’ve been alright thanks. Wbu? 🙃
aw man😂
what’s your fav subject?
omg really!?
mines maths and art!
hi collager! Round 5 is up for my colour games! Just repeating that this is NOT the last round! For more information please read the post! And some of the caption got cut off so it is continued in comments! This round is due 17th November (5 days) please make sure to get your entry in time! ~ Madihah456 ☺️
um no!! this collage actually counts as art and it’s freakin awesome and beautifull 👏😩👏
yeah and that’s fineeee! it’s literally amazing!
if you wanna do art, keep doing it, not even on paper but just on here! you’d be so goooood
aw thank youuu
yOur welcome! :)
hard classes, orchestra, etc. a bit stressed but I’m working through it
yes but I’ll make an acception of black and white! 😂
I’m good how r u? Just busy with with school and stuff 😂
the UK 🇬🇧💖
Okay, and yours? 😋
year 11 Wbu?
ikr... GCSEs and stuff 😩
the best year for me was year 9 it was the funnest I’ve ever had 😂😂
what’s your fav colour?
oh 😂😂 oh well don’t worry I’m sure you’ll have more interesting times in your life ♥️
really!? mines red!!‼️
Aww thank you!
hi you still haven’t submitted your entry for round 5 for my colour games you have 2 days till the results are posted. Sorry I couldn’t give you the 3 days reminder as I completely forgot! And another reminder that make your entry really good as the not-so-good entries will be eliminated! Thank you for reading. ~ Madihah456 ☺️
will you enter my Christmas games
wow that’s late😂
yes sameee
re: I really like if I’m being honest!
re: ooh nice!!
Don’t worry you’re such an amazing collager! You’re gonna do great!
Im good thanks for asking! And you
hi :)
re: it good m8 :)
re: we all want to lol
I had a English essay for homework like a month ago now and I still haven’t got the results back! 😂
aotd: augusttt
do ya like potatoes? ;)
No I don’t. but I am in like january 😩
Same! But don’t worry I bet you’ll do great!
Hey I'm having a secret Santa on my page for Christmas would love if you could join~Thank you
Aw don’t worry! 🥰 What subjects are you doing?
Bro stalking my dead account smh
Little do you know karma is about to hit. the cringe of my old posts will kill you in seconds
Omg triple science? Science is my worst subject literally Ona test I’d so bad it’s crazy!
I’m doing double science, Maths, English, Art and Design, Food Tech,
French and RS
🚨WARNING: Copy and paste 🚨 Hey awesome collager round 6- bonus round is up for my colour games! Remember this is OPTIONAL so you don’t have to enter but if you want extra points for your team go ahead! No one can be eliminated this round since it’s optional. I forgot to mention the due date on the post so it’s DUE 30th NOVEMBER (7 days). The winners will be announced after! ~ Madihah456 ☺️
Awwe Tysm! How are you?!
also, sorry for the late reply, I was at kickboxing
Yeah, it’s hard tho!
I’m clumsy..
I just dropped my phone in the water
Yup, a little late to respond...
(my phone that is)
But now u get what I mean when I say I’m clumsy
hi chloeee what’s uppp
hi I know you said you were busy but I need 1 more person by tomorrow which is 24.11.19 and I was hoping you could enter Santa 🎅🏻 thank you
How is my style good?!
Aww thanks so much!
Urs are too! I’m like 😱
A year?! WTH! 😂😳
Hey!!! I’m holding a games for 250 followers!! I’d love it if you joined! Thanks! -redfox-
hey round one is up and so are the teams so come give your entry it is due next Sunday please read the thing that you tap it will give you information how it works so please give your entry thanks -Unique_VibesEXTRAS
re: ya wanna get a drawn umbrella? lol
Hey Tysm for signing up for my secret Santa. The signups have ended today so i am starting to send out who you have. If you have pinterest it will be easier and @Live_original is going to help me out and shell text you who you have. If you don't have Pinterest I'll remix it to you some how!! Let me know please and thanks again
that's ok I sent it to you on your first edit you made:) you can delete it then after you see it
that’s good and I’m alright thankss!
Hey fellow collager! A reminder that round 6- the bonus round is due in 3 days! Of course this round is optional but just thought I’d let you know if you wanted to enter! ~ Madihah456 ☺️
hi so as you know I have Christmas games and you entered we need your entry by tomorrow (IRELAND TIME) so come submit wish you all my luck now comon quick-UNIQUE_VIBES
wow I love your style
tysm ❤️
ok so now maybe you could add like a person or something or any extras you would want to add to the collage
it's due today, but if everyone hasn't send in their collage I will extend it
hey just so you know but come check out to my games you have entered you might want to start/add things to your collage as it is due tomorrow I will tell all your team mates good luck
yeah you can just add pngs and extras that’s totally fine
Awww ty! How r u lately?
hey round 3 is up come submit your entery by next Sunday and earn some points for your team good luck
*copy and paste* Hello 👋 amazing collager!! Hope you’re having a wonderful 💕 day/night! I am current hosting a celebrity contest to celebrate 500 and would love for you to join! The teams are team Shawn, Ariana, Taylor, Billie, Justin, and Camila! Hope you can join! I’m sorry 😐 about this very long message, please spread the news! ♥️kanani_girl33
I’m good thnx for asking :)
Just literally stressing about school 😅
aww don’t worry! you’re gonna do great
heyyyyyy xxxxx
mine start this coming Wednesday :) wbu?
hi ! :)
I miss you! 🌊🌷❤️
i like chicken nuggets aren’t I just a quirky little t-rex
unfollow me if ur not in the logang
if anyone needs a good sugar daddy hmu
thank you!!
alive moment
You really should come back ahah, maybe attempt at a collage??
thank you for the follow! ☺️
🚨 WARNING:Copy and paste🚨 Hey awesome collager! I’m happy to say the results are finally out for my colour games! I’m so sorry they took so so long and thank you sm for being patient! Make sure to claim your prize by remixing the prize sheet! Lots of love Madihah456 ♥️
I have COLOR GAMES! Pls come enter! Hurry there’s only 20 spots! You have been chosen because I have seen that your kind and your collages are so UNIQUE!
so I just comment here instead of tagging them in the comments?
aww ofc!! 🥰🥰 I’m really glad you enjoyed it!
awwww thank youu!!! your messages were so so sweet❤️❤️
wow! hbd!!
omg really?! whoops
oh umm i first got pc in 2015 but i think i only made an acc in 2017
You have such a gorgeous account I'm literally stunned!!
thnx for the follow!😊
When u change ur icon but haven’t posted in over a year🤭
Jk jk ily
Oooo! I love your new profile picture!
aww tysm!! ♥️ I love yours too😊
bc u were so nice to be the ONLY ONE WHO LOOKED AND U SAID I LOOK AMAZING (💁‍♀️)
u get a follow and a spam of likes
ooooo cool
I would never
Bc I just did the same thing😂
I did a real face reveal come see
list in ur eyes...
ha I actually did a good pun 😎🤯
Thought u could slip past me; I see all
Tbh I’m bout to do that too tho
i'm good thank you! hru?? doing anything interesting today??
woah really?! haha why are you up at that time?! 😧
how are you??
e p i c
oh. good luck!! i has my mocks a few weeks ago.
I got an 8...
no, I’m doing mine early so I take some classes in year 11
yes queen fort nite slay!!! gamer time
thank you. I guess I am but I’m naturally smart, when I was younger all I did wa study.
awww, I bet you are soooo smart. also, one tip with English, try cut out adjectives (and some other words) with less than 5 letters. try expand your vocabulary. instead of using big, maybe use enormous or something.
I hope it helpsss 💖
U thought wrongg u aren’t my friend bc u play fortnite
600 comments lessss gooooo
join my game
what’s this about eboys
Is there something you’d like to tell me
I’ll never talk about dinos again I swear im sorryy😭
aww I knew you’d come around :)
Also let’s all take a moment to appreciate the fact that Chloe has 607 comments on this post
aye np
ahahah honestly quality over quantity I’m sure your followers will understand if you’re too busy or whatever to make some
I actually appreciate quantity over quality and ur a failure for not making any more collages. I mean pfft, it’s not like I don’t go months without posting or anything
but I still love u as an eboy
whoa that almost corrected to Ebola oofff
oH itS oKay jUst tAke yOuR tIme nOones fOrcIng yOu
awww thanks bro love yours too🥺