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oh dear….
so maybe it was glitching on other peoples ends and they were seeing a mass glitch across the accounts?
and u ended up seeing it as well?
it’s very odd.
I know it’s been glitching on my end a bit.. I have been unable to see cassiopeia’s (now lushhh) account since yesterday but it did work for a few minutes last night
and she’s commenting on my stuff still, but I just can’t access her account
and I’ve been seeing a lot of these number issue things with people followers changing dramatically
I’m sure you’ve tried logging in and out a bunch of times… maybe if this keeps up you should think of starting another account and transferring your stuff to there? I know I wouldn’t want to do it, but I don’t think that anyone from PC can change it, like customer service wise.
hopefully it just resets and starts working soon
it’s a pc glitch
it’s just a glitch dw
hey, what would you like your png pack to be? like the aesthetic/theme
I think it’s just a rly bad glitch, or ppl just unfollowed like crazy. that’s happened to me and it’s very hard to deal with. just keep moving onward & forward and don’t let this roadblock stop u!
yes it’s happened to @God_lover too😔
pc is having a glitch, i experienced it to, one day i had 1K and i was like, no way, and sure enough the next day it went back to normal
Check if the app needs an update maybe? Or just restart you device to see if that helps, I’m not really sure what’s happening
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