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qotd-what’s your favorite emoji?


640x640 golden_flowers

woah thanks bro’s comment zoom zoom🐆 •••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• qotd-what’s your favorite emoji? aotd-🦋🐆🦖🕊🌙

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aww thank you!!
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aotd: 🥺✨🔥😤
aww thank you for understanding
congratulations! ♥️
ah thanksss🥰
re/ yea I hope you get the chance to watch US soon 💓
Congratulations on 700!
I’ll enter laterrr
merry Christmas! thank you for all the hard work you put into your collages! I love seeing them in my feed and I’m just very appreciative of your dedication to making each one look as stunning as they do. I hope you thoroughly enjoy your Christmas Day. I’m sending you the best wishes for your life. much love 💕💘💞
HAPPY HOLIDAYS❄️☃️ please like my latest collage if it gets to 100 likes I will make a collage contest Thank u 🌟💫⛄️
awww dude you’re too kind 🥺 but thank you though ♥️
hey hun! please could you vote on my recent as i’m having trouble in what direction to take my account. your help would be very much appreciated! love, Pixie xo
congrats on 700!! 🥳🥳
aotd: 🦥🦧🐆🍃🥺
this is a real nice giveaway
thankyou for voting! the votes don’t look like i will be :)
hey golden_flowers! this year you have achieved so much, thanks to your amazing talent on PC! congratulations on reaching 700+ supporters (your growing so fast!!). i love the difference of styles you have on your account and how they all balance out to a beautiful feed. i also enjoy the range of colours i see in your collages (bright colours and shades of black and white). thankyou for following me this year, it really means a lot!😍Pixie
no problem:)
wait! just happened to stumble your comment on enya's entry and WOW you have a twin!!! that's so cool!! what's their name? are you two identical??
ahh okay 😂
hey gurl! someone has pulled out of the celebrity games on my extras, just wondering if you would like to take their place
they were in team Shawn Mendes
hey i’m ready to collab and a lot more active now😁do you have a theme you would like to stick to?
okay! would you like to pick the quote & edit the background or put it all together?!
happy new year olivia!! how have u been? :)
oh that’s ok! thanks anyways!
thank you so much!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR😃🎉🎉🎉
sure i’ll send you the background and quote asap!
why haven’t u listened to music all week? :(
thank you! and i’ve been good :) and oml that’s amazing😂😂😂
aw you're so sweet thanks 🥰
zoom zoom 🐆
aw dang that sucks☹️
thankyou AOTD: 🦩⚡️☁️☕️
*copy and paste message* hey there amazing collager ✨ i have a youtubers games on my page and i would love it if you could enter you are so talented!🌈there are limited spaces so come quick before they are all gone!
and congratulations on 700 !
so i know u had no ideas for a theme but i think it’s easier to make a detailed collage/collab when you have a theme to focus on. so what do u think about like angles/heaven & loosing loved ones. i know it’s quite a touchy subject but it’s something i haven’t done on my account and i would like to reach out to new styles this year🤍
Hey My first interview is up come check it out!!
ooohhh yayay congratssss