fourth post, collab coming soon!


💛24/09/2023💛 fourth post, collab coming soon!

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love love love!!!!
so pretty!<3
aww of course!
I'm so sorry about that💔 I can completely understand your confusion, why does love always have to be so complicated?... does she actually know that you like her? <3
yes I do...But he likes someone else:( we have written for months, almost every day, even during the holidays and every weekend. His friends also kept saying that he likes me and I never knew if I should believe them or not. Now we are in a class together, which seems great at first, but unfortunately there is also another girl there with whom he was once a couple. She had broken up with him, but now she wants to get back together with him. And I'm almost sure he likes her again. Since then we have never written again, somehow I miss it. And then his friends wrote to me last week and asked if I still liked him (they met that day)... I don't understand anything anymore, why do his friends ask me this if he likes the other girl? I'm so confused and my heart feel numb...I'm sure they want to play with my feelings💔
^sorry, I needed to talk to someone😭
studying for a test on Tuesday!
I’m gladd
ty! I do too :)
I’m pretty good, been busy haha, hbu??
oooh that does sound fun!
hii i’m good hbu🩷🩷
awww thanks ur so sweet! I hope you have fun that sounds amazing <33 I might go hangout with my twin bro and his friends on Friday so ig that’ll be fun!💕
of course!
thank you so much🩷 maybe he liked me for a while but I don't think he still does, I mean: he's talking to this girl all the time! and his friends...I don't know if I can trust them, they ship him with me but also with emilia (that's her name) so I don't understand anything!
aww you're so sweet<3 you know, I'm always here for you as well, ilysm🫶
hey Jesse, I’m doing well thanks! wbu??
wow, while I’ve been away your account has really grown. looks absolutely amazing!
imm gladd that’s normal it happens after all the rides <33
yeah I’m exited! I have a test today nd I pretty sure I’m going to fail so that great
that’s great :)) so far today just school ahaha!! it’s very early in the morning :) hbu?
I was pretty mad that they broke it actually! I really love how it’s traveled through so many cool characters but I was super annoyed that they would just treat it like that!
i’m so sorry it’s so confusing for you! but at least she’s okay with you being gay? and accepts you for who you are? and she’s figuring out her sexuality?? to me that’s a dream come true and I think you’re pretty lucky! I hope it turns out well!:)
I think they’re around 2 years apart maybe? I think she’s a bit older but i’m not sure. since he grew up on the streets he’s canonically very small for his age, I know he was 14 in season 1 and he turned 15 a few episodes after the first one, I think she was 16? I don’t really know, but there’s definitely a small gap there.
i’m doing okay.. went to therapy today. i’ve been so awfully tired these past few days and idk what’s going oml we’re moving again in a few days so it’s a bit stressful and because I had a busy day today I didn’t finish my school by bedtime so that stressed me out lol
I had an anxiety attack on saturday night and did some minor sh, and today was the day my therapist asked me if I sh’d and of course I had a small scar left over that I had to show her:(
I mean it was only my secind time doing it.,. the first time was the day my crush told me she liked the other guy and it sounds cheesy but I swear that was some of the worst emotional pain I have EVER had and I have had a LOT.
i’ve never used a knife.l only my fingernails and a nail file.. but I came close that first night
how are you doing?
thank you sm<3
you're probably right... but it's so hard to forget him:( when my friends ask me if I still like him, I tell them that I'm over him now. I wish it was the truth💔
thank you so much for your help, jesse<3 honestly I really don't know about his feelings and I'm kinda scared to confront him. I want him to be happy, with me or with her. He knows that I like him, if he liked me too, he would try to stay in contact
yes maybe... but what if he doesn't like me back? I would never want to see him again and the rest of the class either - everyone always knows immediately. When I messaged him the very first time, our both entire classes knew all about it the next day.
aww you're the sweetest🥹🫶
I’m going to my youthgroup tonight! wbuuu
Hey sorry for copy and paste… Your account is gorgeous and I would really love if you check out mine! Thanks!! 🙏 👍💛
haha yes!! <3 and yess this weekend my friend’s family and close friends are throwing her a surprise bday party (including me) and we’re gonna go to chicago, hang out and have a sleepover ehehe
oops that was long 😭😭anyway hbu? 💓
that’s soo fun- i hope it goes well!!
This is so pretty ❤
I'm good today!! How are you?
ofc :))
hi Jesse! thank you and that’s wonderful <33
I started in 6th grade!!
oooh enjoy 😉
thank you so much jesse 💜
how are you doing today? did you see the latest ahsoka episode?
aww you're so sweet🫶 you know, I'm always there for you too<3
okay you're probably right… but I'm 100% sure that he knows about my feelings; his friends keep asking me this question all the time!
wow how can you always find the right words? this is such a talent!
maybe I text him this weekend...I'm not sure yet
do you have any hobbies btw?
aww I hope it happens soon 👀
it was good :) I’ve just been watching tv haha
thank you so much<3
I'm pretty good, just a bit tired at the moment! what about you? (it's Chloé btw, just another account haha)💓
absolutely gorgeous <3