😣just when I thought things were looking up (click)😣
😖you know those days when you're having a great time, and then someone says something, and you get sad immediately?😖
😫that was like, today in a nutshell (check comments)😫


😣just when I thought things were looking up (click)😣 😖you know those days when you're having a great time, and then someone says something, and you get sad immediately?😖 😫that was like, today in a nutshell (check comments)😫 08/23/17

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🤡wow...tbh he didn't need to be that rude to you 😒btw amazing edit♥️
@caption girl the same thing happened to me 😭😭😭😭😭😭
🤡 that's so rude! ugh I highly dislike people (besides family)
absolutely stunning!!
🤡 Gosh he's mean. I also highly dislike most people (other than family). This is amazing though!!
Wow, excuse my language but this dude sounds like a total doüchëbäg. I had a friend similar to that, he was nice we became close, but one day it all turned around and he started making all these crude, sexist and racist jokes. He then began to talk a bunch of mess about my other friends, and me and him eventually had a falling out as well. It hurts, but just do what you can to rid him from your life, you don't need someone like that around, and you'll feel better once he's gone.
*insert clown emoji here*
yeah tbh I would t count him as a friend if he is going to be rude like that
awww I'm sorry your day was a hard one:( if you ever need someone to talk to I'm here 💞😘
i read it all:)
tbh I don't know if I'd count him as a friend after all that I just read. if he's that mean, he sounds more like a bully than a friend
🤡 Wow... I'm sad and mad. I feel you. I was always the quiet and smart one. The pushover. The girl who was soft-spoken and bullied. Yet this summer, I finally grew a backbone. I came out of my depression and gained self-confidence. I use fictional characters as a way of coping. I imagine them telling me, "You can't let them make you feel like garbage!" And, Serena, you can't. You can't let anyone bring you down. You have to accept your flaws, because then no one can use them against you. I know it's hard. It is hard. People can be mean. And by all means, still be kind and sweet, yet be strong and confident. I know you've heard this a lot, and I know I may be sounding rude, but I just want to help. You have to move on from your "friends". Even if you're alone, at least you'll be happy. Besides, doesn't your happiness and mental health come first? Don't let them bring you down, your above them. Imagine that their cruel words slide off our skin, down into the void. Imagine their words are being thrown into a box. Write down your feelings onto a piece of paper, it helps, trust me. I write down my feelings all the time. It helps a lot. I'm here for you, Serena. I believe in you. Even if I'm not with you, remember that I'm always here. Love you.
••Don't let them bring you down, you're above them. Correction. 😅
Aw, I'm glad you feel better. 💜 And thank you so much, Serena. That made me smile.
Collab// Okay. I'll get started on it Friday. I don't think I'll have time tomorrow. 😬 Is there a certain theme you want to do? Maybe Disney or a color or lyrics to a song?
np girl😚 don't let them bring you down😘
I'm Good!!😊
🤡🤡People suck😒 All I can suggest is pretend he doesn't exist or get a list of good comebacks😉 You don't deserve all that rubbish. One thing I'm gonna say is they go low but you go high. Don't stoop to his level, but I know you wouldn't do that. One other suggestion is tell someone, a teacher? xox
Thank you so much Serena💜💜
❓Ughh I'm so mad right now,why do people have to be so stupid and racist🙄😡
don't let anyone bring you down Serena you are beautiful no matter what💚💚
🤡I'm so sorry once again. If you ever need to talk, I'm here for you.🖤
Collab// Hmm... I don't know. 😅 What's your 3 favorite colors and favorite Disney Princess(es)? I just need some ideas, I guess.
I'm so sorry! I totally get you, hope things look up. Stay strong 💪 😂💕
I didn't read the first comment and I was very confused by the clowns 🤡
aww thanks 💕 hey im always here for you too, so we can be the #problembuddiessowetalkitoutanditsucksbutlifegoesonbutstillweresad 😂😂😂 idk lol
Yessssss omg 💕 Also 🤡 I'm so sorry he seems like an âsshat (pardon the french) and if he's rly that insensitive then he's not worth ur time. Also, as Alex has suggested, a good comeback never hurts 😉 I'm so sorry u are going thru this stay strong fren we are all here for u 💕
This is slaying my whole entire existence. You are so talented! ❤️
Thank you so much, Serena! 💜 And you're welcome. :)
Collab || Ooh! I like that idea. I'll try that! :D