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aw i will def miss you! if you need someone to talk to, my pinterest is Kkelizabeth :)
take care of yourself queen 👑💕
aww take care💓
my Pinterest is honeeyblossom if you ever want to talk😊🥰
I love you too Alana 😔💖😔 but this is something we need to do and it’ll help our health and if it’s what’s best then we need to do it 💖 I’m gonna miss you so much and I’ll be here for you too 🥺 Good luck in wherever life takes you cheesecake 🍰 don’t forget about me 💖😔
aww I hope you’ll be okay, my Pinterest is twinkling stars✨ or @enyaaxx if you would want to talk💗
take care 💗💗 we’ll miss you 🥺
I hope you’re doing ok. Remember, you come first. Take your time ❤️
im gonna miss u so much, take care 💗
my pinterest is mouldy socks i'll follow u rn
i hope your mental health gets better 🥺
take care, hun. I will miss you, dearly.
get well soon ill talk to u on pin
take care of yourself 😌🥺❤️