How’s your life going?


Tap💗 How’s your life going?

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hey Ivy, I’m new too! we should look out for each other and share some tips we gain! what do you think? 😊
okay! 💞
welcome to pc
was hi ivy! welcome to pc! I would love to be friends and if you need anything just tell me! I am Dora!💕
and I would love to collab btw
ahh I am doing pretty good thanks! wbu!💜
and yw!🥲
aww tysm! ur so sweet 🥹 and I am sure you will reach this! I never knew I could reach 200 neither! I started with like-1 or 2 followers for months!
ofc ivy! anytime! I could do it rn if you want!😂💕
hmmm, great question…
last year November probably 🤯wow…that’s one year
welcome to pc! i’d really like to be friends <3
can’t wait to your collages :D
and ty~
welcome to pc!!
hey welcome to pic•collage!!!😁😁
welcome to pc Ivy! hope you enjoy your time here! 💕