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thank you so much
oh no... i think i know who @seungrice is..i think they had a pc acc before in the past.. they were the reason i left pc for a long amount of time...
do u still have twitter? where we can talk?
omg they did WHAT?!
i commented on one of her w the unpopular opinions which were highkey VV rude 😤
the opinions bothered me a bit, but I just thought it was nothing to get upset over. but that comment is what just jahdjwksusjks sends me into a frenzy
listen here you piece of šhxt. dont EVER talk to me like that again. and stop telling lies!! yes i made the unpopular kpop opinions thing. yes i support seungri. now can you please stop making all this drama?! like u said, piccollage is a place to have fun and post art etc etc. so if ur gonna make ALL this DRAMA u should leave.
is this JiminiesJams or something ^
ooooh... bro, im about to... ugh! why was she being so rude?
they are doing this for the attention and or releasing their hate. what they said towards you was unacceptable and im very sorry for that. i hope you be the bigger and mature person here and handle this with care and not bash out on them. bc then MORE drama will start, we that's a no no. i hope you don't quit bc ily and i want you to stay 🥺💖💓💞
i love how you supported your opinions with evidence and that you just didn't say your opinions just because. now yOU are a real one 🤧
hey please follow me
mei, you okay?? don’t listen to that girl, honestly she says she’s 16, but I think we both can agree she’s not. she’s overreacting, and being so rude. ilysm mei, don’t quit, we want you to stay!!💞💞🤧
#MeiWeLoveYou ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
I’m so sorry I hope that they stop and leave you alone☹️
You're beautiful. Don't listen to lowlife swines.☁
okay okay what they did was terrible. but lemme talk abt seungri. ITS SEUNGRI O MY GOSH WHAT HE DID WAS ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE. PERIOD. yeah some VIPs be like it’s fine it’s a mistake. but the VICTIMS. The victims to his terrible crimes. Was it simply a ‘mistake’ to them? no I think otherwise. thank you for listening to my rant.
We are all here for you❤️
don’t quit pc because of that loser/ hater
omg that’s so mean
don’t quit