Let’s see how this goes

640x618 Gallimaufry-Academy

☁️❤️☁️ Let’s see how this goes 🍟

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Can't remix @ moment :( So basically her name is Victoria Heites, but she goes by Tori. She had a pretty normal past, and was an acrobat. That was until her father got into something he couldn't get himself out of. He was shot by the time Tori was ten. She is now seventeen. So she's pretty secretive of that and things in general, but she is a natural born leader and has a lot of ambition. She is around 5'6, faceclaim is Olivia Holt, and her hair is dyed an ombre shade of deep purple. She has a semi colon tattoo meaning that her life was not yet over. She got this tattoo four years after her father died bc of her anxiety and depression. Her depression is slowly fading away, but her anxiety is still present.