I can't take a nap in class (yeah I do it often) without a popular girl taking a photo of me:)))what kind of fetish is that
and yeey i have ecdl tw :))) tell me guys what of school rn make you feel dead inside

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I can't take a nap in class (yeah I do it often) without a popular girl taking a photo of me:)))what kind of fetish is that and yeey i have ecdl tw :))) tell me guys what of school rn make you feel dead inside

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omg that owl
holy guac this is nice. i love the layout. ugh i hate school. i have midterms next week and today my bio teacher just taught us a whole chapter today and expects us to know AND understand it by the time bio midterm comes around. which is monday RIP ME
i suck at bio and i will next year in chem H. i’m the worst at sciences no matter what
i wish i were watching a kdrama i stayed up all night studying studying studying and got 4 hrs sleep with a geometry and spanish text the next day
i fell asleep while taking my geometry test for a quick minute lma o
yes I was😂 “Benji”ing is very hard😂
i just took a two hour nap and i still feel so groggy mmmm and yes H stand for honors. i’m an american; the highest level class i can take rn is the honor level until next year i can take AP
have you heard of the International Baccalaureate program? i’m in that and ooof so much work man
yikes. how many subjects are you taking???
we have a total of 8
oh my that’s a lot!!! how do you fit the classes in your schedule? i have 4 classes in one day and they are 90 minutes long with lunch 40 minutes and the classes alternate each day so that 8 subjects are taught in the span of 2 days...
holy crâp i would dieee
wait, so you don’t eat lunch???
thanks 😁💕
thanks your account is so amazing
oh and school. gross. i hate the homework, the people, and the learning
holy smacks that crazy man i can’t imagine going through a day like that. i need food all the time 😂 whats your favorite/ least favorite subject you take?
Thanks! I don't think your collages look cluttered, every image looks purposeful and meaningful. I've always enjoyed looking at all of your posts 💕
holy moly me oh my this collage is the apple of my eye😂😍 but seriously your collages are really cool and so unique compared to others!! I’m impressed🌹♥️
you are too kind. thank you :)
and this is quite dope.
aww well thank you so much love♥️ and that is very interesting I’m happy you found me😂 and thank you so much again!
i don’t know lol
re:// (an even later response) I'm more of an english, history, math sort of person. it all really depends on the teacher; but i'm taking biology, don't know if i told you already, and i absolutely have hated science for my entire life. i sUck at ALL sciences
i got an 85 on my bio midterm, which was the same as my first quarter exam grade
no improvement, but at least i didn't get worse lol
oh and i forgot to mention that i'm really more of a music person more than anything. i play the cello in school (which our orchestra sucks) and out of school (in a state orchestra which we play like professionals) so my goal is to become a professional in the music field :))))
My choir class makes me feel dead inside because the kids never listen and a lot of them are really disrespectful and it's just torture. I feel a part of myself die every time I walk in the door😂
Yeah that is a weird fetish to have😂
haha yes i will make sure to let you know when i make it into a great orchestra (hopefully someday)😂
and i love to write too; i actually have a dilemma rn: my english teacher assigned us a 2-3 png essay (3pgs max) and i just finished my essay yesterday with 7 pages typed, not even double spaced (which is the formatting we use) so now i’m screwedddd
i have to cut so much out but don’t know how and once i cut a lot of the content out she’s going to say my essay doesn’t have enough detail and i’m like, well you should have accepted my 7 page essay then
thanks b 💛
haha well, my teacher made a point to the class today that she has to read over 140 papers and there was a reason she put a limit, but i’m honestly really scared because i’ve been trying to cut it down, but it’s not getting any shorter😂😅😭
i usually write with A LOT of adjectives and “fluff” (as my teacher calls it) and i know to a certain extent that too much is not good, but i feel like i have to add that stuff to make my writing more interesting.
i’m honestly more of a creative writer than an assignment based writer because then i’m free from all the rules and everything 😂
!! you deleted the other collage :(
Tysm ❤
omg 4 days late a thousand apologies but thanks so much man i could say that your collages are free from the rules too because wow they’re just so amazing
oh and good news: remember my seven page essay? i was able to cut it down to 3 page limit with only 2 sentences on the 4th page which my teacher said was fine but oof it took a lot of work
as i was cutting stuff out i felt like i was ripping out pieces of myself, but i’m pretty satisfied with the outcome😂
also i love the owl in the corner😂👌
agh i think i dont remember oops ! ❤️ Anyhoo i probably commented about how amazing your acc is omg 😍😍😍
hey buddy how’s it been going so far
haha survival mode??
ah, yes, I feel like survival mode is always on. I'm dreading the month of March because there are pretty much no days off for school, which means 5 day weeks all the way and also means many sleepless nights to come
brilliant ❤️💜
lol everything about school makes me dead inside