Life is ful of hate!Lets keep it down!who is with me?#StopTheHate
BTw this got deletedd....I think I know who😭
Imight leave forever....Sorry guys

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tap Life is ful of hate!Lets keep it down!who is with me?#StopTheHate BTw this got deletedd....I think I know who😭 Imight leave forever....Sorry guys

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yea I can
no please don’t leave forever!!!!!!
IDK yet..
if the good people leave pc will become a nightmare with all haters which is not the goal here. We are trying to keep it happy!! Stay strong girl💪🏻💪🏻❤️❤️ You’ve got this
aw thank you!! But be strong!! You can do this!!
Oh wow. I won’t tell them that you’re leaving bc that would be considered lying. But I can tell them that your considering leaving.
I love this !! plus, you shouldn’t leave forever :) there is a ton of people that love you here ♥️
NO PLZ DONOT LEAVE no no no plzzzz😭
wow this is amazing and please don’t leave
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can u pls make me an icon
Don’t leave! IGNORE THE HATE.
omigosh!! ty!!
thx soo much😍💕
Fun-Life you are the most amazing person ever. you would support anyone no matter what they do to you. you also create amazing collages that inspire me. thank you
DONT LEAVE. those bullies just want you to leave! don’t give them what they want!! so many people love you and what you do, what those haters say do not speak for all of us, it’s speaks for the tiny group of people who are jealous of how amazing you are! remember that, okay?
Hi @fun_life! You're amazing! I think you are super talented and definitely do not deserve hate! That's why I'm here to show support in the form of a fanpage! Please, please, please follow me! You are so awesome! Love your collages 😘😘😘
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idk why you’re getting so much hate bc you’re account is amazing and you’re so talented. that one hate page Fun-Life-Hate or something like that is really just jealous of your amazing collages and awesome attitude. (she even likes her own hate collages, which makes her kinda desperate... 😂) anyways, I just wanted to let you know that I’m always here for you and that you’re amazing. ❤️
pretty pretty pretty
re//ok😄I’m actually shocked you said yes since your way above me in collages but just let me know when your ready 👍🏼
Hey! You are amazing! Could you please make me an icon?
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no you cany leave pic collage
Hey! I saw that you filled out the beach_club form! I logged out, then tried to go back in but forgot password and can't remember what email I used! Could you please fill this one out again? Thanks! So sorry 😘
hey!! I saw your comment
please don't leave ! you are such an inspiration
tysm! ❤️
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amazing love this so much💖💖
np there so true
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check the comments of the latest post! this doesn't mean I am back for good! -Nicole
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*grabs your shoulders and looks you dead in the eyes* I want you to look at me and remember. You are strong. You are brave. And you are beautiful. If people hate on you, they’re jealous because you are what you’re not. I’ll be honest here: I’ve never seen your account before today but when I here someone’s getting hated on. Poof! I appear. Leave if you don’t have time. Leave if you do not like making collages. But promise me new friend, you will not let the haters win. Understand? Quitting makes them win and guuuuuurl you are stronger than that. And if you look at me and shake your head no than girl, you are stronger than you think. You are braver than you think and you are—MOST CERTAINLY— more beautiful than you think. I’m here for you. Callout to me if you need my help. Okay? Be you. You got this! ❤️😘
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also could you post a little more on my account, since even though I can check sometimes, I don't have time to make collages.
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I’m leaving Pic collage for good
Please check my account
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