✰ t a p ✰
happy easter everyone! ❤️🐣
I actually like this but don't think I can 
make into a style, so should I just post 
whatever I want and not do a style?
qotd: fav easter candy?
aotd: robin eggs

830x829 afterglow-

✰ t a p ✰ happy easter everyone! ❤️🐣 I actually like this but don't think I can make into a style, so should I just post whatever I want and not do a style? qotd: fav easter candy? aotd: robin eggs

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woahhh stunning
@caption: yeah, that’s what I’m probably gonna end up doing 😂
thank you! 💞
This is super cute!
Of course. 💞
aw thxxx I hope you do too 😘
This is so pretty!! Happy Easter
oop 🤭😂
pretty!! i think having a style is cool, but it kinda limits your creativity so i think not sticking to one style would be a good idea
aotd: WHY ARE U MAKING ME CHOOSE :( robin eggs are freaking amazing tho
happy easter!!
yeah that would be cool if you didn’t have a style, it’s would be unique. aotd: chocolate bunnies
heyyy how has your Easter been so far?
happy Easter boo 🥳❤️🐣🐇🐰
💐Happy Easter💐
maybe don't have a specific style but I really like this though
AOTD: chocolate bunnies
hahaha that sounds fun 😁 I actually threw up last night and so I’m sitting and watching movies while they’re at a party 😂 it’s too cold here to go biking and jumping here tho haha
np! i’m ella, wanna be friends?
thanks so much ❤️❤️
happy Easter 🎉🐣💘
woahhh this is sooo pretty💞💫
aotd: chocolate 🍫
happy easter!! 🐰♥️
this is gorgeous :))
stunning ✨
this is gorgeouss
stunning as always 💗
I dunno geez thats a hard question 😂 I like romances, musicals, action movies, horror movies, basically any movie 😂 what’s ur fav movie
AOTD: choc bunnies 🍫🐰
omg this is gorgeous!!! you should just post whatever x
responding to the q&a: 1. i’ve always loved olivia but meredith is such a mood 😂 2. hm. idk tbh. i would probably just thank her a million times over & tell her i love her ♥️ 3. alternative-emo-punk rock-pop-rock 😂 4. sydney, sofiah, maranda, avery, & rhianna (love youuuu!!) 5. swifties (taylor swift), sinners (panic! at the disco), & the youngbloods (fall out boy) ♥️
tysm abby!! hahaha mood, is latin hard to learn? a couple of my friends take it and they refuse to accept that it’s a dead language
also i’ve literally been staring at your icon/pfp/idk for a solid minute cause it’s so mEsMeRiZiNg and pReTty
thank you so much Abby! 🌼
yess! I did I hope you did too, I went camping what did you do?
hahah 😂♥️
this is Soo cuteeee and thank youuuu 💓
I like listening to music more then reading, dont get me wrong I like reading, but I have to have a really good book. 💞Music is my spirit animal. 😂
My dream vacation is defiantly Paris 💞I’ve always had a desire for Paris for as long as I can remember. My whole entire room is Paris themed. 🥰
Im a plain Jane, my favorite animal is a dog 😋 Then a sloth, then a horse, then a ferret. 😂💞
3 days now
aotd: Easter eggs!
please like my new collage is important
thank you!!
b r i l l i a n t ✨🌷
yeah ofc🥰❤️
TYSM!!! happy (late) Easter! 🐣🐇💞🐰I love Italian food too!
AOTD: chocolate bunnies! 🐰🍫
tysm! and i’d love that!
thanks. I love H&M we went to one in NYC and it was awesome
tysm! 💓💓🐶
bad pun lol
ah Tysm. xx
hello lovely it would mean so much to me if you could please enter my icon Contest if so thank you so much💛
thank you so much!!
aww thank you so so much Abby 💗😘
Your song is Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and the lyric at 3:33 is “Easy come, easy go, will you let me go? Bismillah, no! We will not let you go!” ♥️
thanks so much 💕
Omg! This is GORGEOUS!❤ Love your account, you have so much talent!💞
thx! his is lovely!
Do you want to be friends? I'm Linda!
hahah thank you!
loving this!
aw thank youu and which font?
I'm doing well, just have to finish some hw for school tmro, ugh! How about you?
omg ahahah I stumbled upon yours
thanks <3
thank you!
beautiful!!! 💓
Hey this is so good. First collage posted~Turquoise22
thanks so much 💕
*Sorry, this is a copy and paste comment. Also, sorry for self advertising* hi. I've got an icon contest on my acc, it would be great if you could join! ends 5th of May 2019!
ty but there’s nothing you can do to help my brain to work to create beautiful collages for wonderful and kind collages like you 💕💕
this is amazing 💗🦋🌷💕💓 ty! 🌺✨😇
ty & this is prettyyyyy
same I’m soooo excited omg
👋 hey! umm ... can you please participate to my contest? LY! 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
thank you!
please 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽 participate in my contest
thank you so much!
ahh tysmmmm!! I LOVE THE SONGGGG
no, you’re GORGEOUS! 💗
and thank youuu
Ooh, I love your new icon Abby!
omg I love this so much! incredible 🤭😍
aw thank youu!! this is gorgeous 🤩💫
thanks so much for your opinion!💙💙
I know I was kinda thinking that that collage was to aesthetic or something for me!😂😂
do you think my normal style is to boring? I just want some honest feedback on my account!😊
thank you!
And Benjamin Button is the cutest name
not at all, I love advice! I don’t offend easily at all!😊 thanks for the advice!
TYSMM AND YESSSS! I’d love to collabbbb
ikr!! ♥️♥️
thank youuuu!! ♥️♥️
yassss sure!!
do you want to do the bg & quote?
okk!! 💕
aww thank you!
k so if I ever did a contest, what would I give for prizes?!! sorry for annoying you but I just have so much questions about pc!😆
yess! I would love to collab!
okay thanks Abby! idk if I told you this but call me Kate!😊😊 you are so nice!
I seriously do not care!😂 what do you want to do?
Thank you! Your super nice! xxx✨
thank you!! ♥️
the first dress kinda reminds me of the treacherous dress from the red tour! i love it so much 😂♥️
TYSM!!!! yesss spiderman is the BEST! 🕷💖
tysm for your opinion I really appreciate it
yess I’d love to! I’m Amelia x
mines may 14, I got a 2 on the practice, and I want to cry 😂
sounds perfect Abby!!! take as much time as you need😊😊
ill probably post the collab tomorrow if that’s cool with you?
last day to enter my icon contest! x
AHHH SO GORGEOUS💞💞💞🙌🏻👏🏻🙌🏻👏🏻🙌🏻👏🏻❤️❤️❤️❤️👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
heyyyyyyy imma post the collab soon!! just letting you know so you can too. I’m probably gonna do it in an hour or if you don’t reply I’ll do it in 13 hours lol
life is boring as always
thank youuu ♥️
this is beautiful as well :)
probably post it when I’m back, but you can post it before if you want :))
I have no idea 😂😂 you?
aw thank you!
thank you so so so much, I’ve been good what about you?
thank you! and omg good luckk 💘🦋
omg this is also so beautiful thanks❤️
cool! me too probably
hahah same here
hey gurl!! I love this!!!
so good! I can’t believe aquaman drowned! 😂😂😂
I’m good,,hbu?
do you have Pinterest?
aotd: starburst jellybeans
so so prettyy