✰ c o n t e s t  r e s u l t s ✰


✰ c o n t e s t r e s u l t s ✰

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congratulations everyone! 🎉
yayyy congrats!!!
aww yay!! thank you 🥰🥰 congratulations everyone!!
congrats to everyone! tysm🌸💖
tysm!💕 congrats everyone🥳💜
tysm 🥰😘❤️
and congrats everyone
tysm<3 Congrats to the winners
nice congrats do theeem! <3
hey that’s not how people work
I don’t like her. you do. who the heck cares. you can just ignore me
stop caring so much. this is what I don’t like about pic collage. just don’t respond to stuff like this and keep being her friend. I have friends on my main too. you have friends. just stop
look at how much attention you’re giving me right now! it’s sad how much people give so much attention to these pages!!!! do you actually think that what you’re doing is gonna change my mind outta nowhere!
aww thx so much for standing up against my gate page luv ya bunches 💗💕♥️✨
can you please enter my icon contest?
can I do the text please?💓
thank you so much!!☺️
and hmmm there’s the classic “all the light we cannot see” book that’s rlly popular. there’s this one i don’t remember the name too but it was rlly good (because that helps so much haha😅) and i’ve never read any medieval royal family stuff! any recommendations there?
thankyou for being such a good friend 💕
maybe simplistic backgrounds with tumblr girls💞
congrats to everyone! 🎉
OmG your account is stunningg💖🙌🏼✨
He||0 you amazing and talented collagers💖 I would love and appreciate it if you could join my 💖Youtubers V.S Music Artist Contest 💖 There are only 4 or 5 spots per team so please please join❣️Love ya~Tori_Life❣️ (also I’m so so sorry for the copy and paste comment)
aw thank you !! the names are Colourtone and kuni cam
thank you
thanks love!❤️
yay!! congrats to the winners!☀️🥳
tysm!☺️🌿and hahaha i cried a good amount at the end (i’m an easy crier😅) idk if i’ll read the book only cause when i watch the movie first i don’t like reading the book but the other way around, i like reading the book😆but how have u never cried during a movie??😱that’s honestly mindblowing to me😂 and thanks for the recommendations!! i’ll try to check them out when i can
all good 💗💗
thanks for the bg’s! I love them💞
Thank you for your braces advice!! And I ADORE your account! <3
congrats on almost 1.4k! alsoooo I changed my user so please don’t get confused, hope you remember me (used to be ajacks_29)
aww thank you 💞
thank you! 💘💞
same, it’s so sad to listen to her old music now too :(( scooter is making me so mad ugh 🙄
he just needs to get his head out of his ášś & let taylor buy back her catalog 🙄
hahah i was gonna be like ...🤨
idek i’m weird as hélł 😂🤦🏼‍♀️
haha thanks it was the first thing that came to my head and I just felt like. hanging it. and I’m great thanks, how are you? 💗
you’re welcome sweetie💗 nice to meet you Abby, I’m Kate🦋
round 2 is up of the 🌻☀️SUMMER GAMES☀️🌻 DUE JULY 15🌸