it’s been a minute
check comments if you want some updates


it’s been a minute check comments if you want some updates

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1. i have a thing with guy named clayton, but we aren’t officially dating yet and we’re taking it slow. he’s super cool and sweet. several hours ago he opened up to me about his past trauma and i comforted him and then he went to bed. i’ve been crying for a long time now because i can’t believe he had to go through that. it sucks and i want to punch some bâštârdš faces. he’s one of the only guys i’ve ever liked this quickly it’s insane. i hope him and i are able to get to the point where we’re comfortable dating because we both have had bad experiences. he def is one of the good ones though and i’m happy i get to talk to him and be his friend:) 2. two weeks ago i went on a pôt brownie bêñdêr. i took one every day that week. i had major withdrawals on my vacation and that was weird, but i don’t regret it. 3. i have finally accepted the fact that something has happened to me. i won’t put what it is for trigger warning reasons, but it’s made me feel numb and hurt knowing i sat through several more months of being manipulated by that person. i think i’ll be okay, but it’s just hard to accept the fact that it happened.
(continued) happened.
i know this all seems super depressing, but i’m starting to get busy again and get my šh ît together, so i’ll be doing better than okay in a few weeks:)
awe I hope things go well with you and Clayton, and I hope things get better with what you’re processing. time really makes things hurt less, in my opinion. hopefully it won’t take too long.
^ yes i really hope you and him get to a good point to start a relationship bc he seems like a very sweet and understanding guy and i think that’ll really be good for you :) and like Kay said, time does help and reaching out to the people who help you the most