w e e k l y  l e t t e r ! H o w  a r e  y o u  g u y s  g o i n g ?

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w e e k l y l e t t e r ! H o w a r e y o u g u y s g o i n g ?

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nah. I don't want anything. having you back is cool enough. ❤️❤️❤️
i like stranger things and riverdale. also for christmas id like a mini fridge because im a pig 🐽 ;)
❤️❤️❤️. I'm okay. I'm on Summer hols now so better then when I'm at school
I always eat sugar lol I’m eating it rn 😂😂 let’s hope Santa knows what to get you then 👏
idk……… a phone? but i don’t think im allowed to have a phone just yet :(
I've heard let me go. haven't heard the other. brb- I'll go find it in Spotify
poll: stranger things aotd: I’m getting a 72 pack of copics (special art markers) and a computer😂
RIVERDALE all the way!'
and thanks EM! eh I dont need a prize actually hahah
no i just found dat on snapchat
nah i’m good i just did that for fun😂
cool! and ug of course it does!!
Sure! I'm V :)) I'm obsessed with stranger things, I love books and music is LIFEEEE :,) I'm low-key annoying and high key weird haha. What about you? 💗💗
ahh congrats
haha no i don't deserve a prize😂
and congrats😛