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Heart 34 Response 2
maybe I can get it yay! I thought I was losing you forever
I was going to but I haven't said goodbye to Alex or Georgia
imma get iz
My user is perfheather3404 and my name is Heather R
lol! ikr! its just all i can do! lol thats how bad i am! thx sm!❤️😘🤣
Liza G.
yeah I know it's weird maybe she's just busy I feel like I'm not on very much
do you have a twitter
I'm getting the app right now☺️
yeah when I was on KiK a random person kept swearing at me😂😂
story of my life again no storage😕rip
thx so much Liz for the sweet comment you left me ❤️😘
do you wanna come check out my icon sheet pls
I have a account that I'm not active on anymore 😂
ok when is it again
mine is @lysdance122
I'm coming to the party tell me when TI is
when it starts
okay thanks for the reminder!
thanks for understanding I feel so bad that miss al these parties the only way I can make it to them if their like at 10:00PM or later that's the only time I'm free
of course I remember r u Liz and I miss u sm and I still dance moms and I might come back in 2017 lyl-Melka
THANKSSSS :D and I'll probably do a giveaway
I have it but not enough space to keep it sorry Liz
I wish I got makeup
if you wanna know what happened check grace's recent post and check the comments
go check out my icon collection xx
sure plz give credit ❤️😘