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the collagers: @thecrazyravenclaw @countingstars- @gembeacher @tropical_spring @-thebearwiththepetals- @_serein_ .
thanks for congratulating me on the feature :)
what I’ve picked up on is. That if I developed pc I would have to come up with a smart way to get people to stay on the app. A lot of people have been leaving recently, and I think they’ve picked up on this. A feature can be very encouraging and by featuring the smaller acounts, it will most likely leave them feeling very encouraged, and will get them to continue on this app. I’m guessing they’ve chosen to feature smaller acounts, to get them to stay on here and a feature will make them want to. I think this is there strategy to get people to stay. I mean pic has got to up there game a bit, with picsart and insta being major competition....
thankyou very much!:)
awww thank you so much for putting me in therr.
there*... but sometimes i feel like all of my collages are too plain to get featured:(
I totally agree with you! I usually go to the featured collages for inspiration but recently it’s been really plain and looks like people with no experience made them. I’ve been waiting for a second feature for a while now and when I see collages not as complex as mine it’s discouraging
I totally agree! Especially me my Collages are trash so many others deserve features like ursss❤️
U scared me 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Aww naeeeeee😭😭❤️
aww i mean i guess so. :) thanks nae
yeah but sometimes simplicity is nice- see my account to see why
Sureeee naeeeeeee
You got nine right in my quiz😂♥️♥️♥️💯
When u were like I SAID STOP i was like????!!!!! 😂
Then I read the next comment and I was like pheww😂😂😂
What part do u wanna dooo🥰
Aww thank you so much Nae. Also thank you for adding me on this that was super sweet, but I know a lot of other users that are way more talented than me that should get a feature:)
yes!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼
I totally agree dude
thank you!
yeah, totally agree!!
how are you bestie? back to playing tennis yet?? ❤️
aweee well...that’s good! you’ll be back to playing in no time, your an amazing player! if your training starts again next week...then when’s ur next game??
I just found out my netball team, I’m with none of my friends and a completely different grade :(
they already got banned lol
hey girl! how are you doing?
okie 😊
okay is it pending now
quiz in Bio check it out
idk? I mean they are all in the same team so idk why I got excluded..maybe I’m not as good as it them??
hey i LOVE your collages and was wondering wether you could join my icon contest? thanks and your collages are stunning!
aww thanks☺️💕
thank you
thank you for putting me up there:)) I agree with you, although those collages are amazing, a lot of other people work probably ten times harder to make their collages and sometimes I don’t even know why I try anymore😂
thanks nae ❤️
I’ll let u know how it goes when it starts ✨
hru btw?? 💗
thanks nae! I’m good 💗
aweee that’s good :)
TYSM girl!! Ikr it’s been forever! My life would’ve been terrible if I hadn’t of met you :)
♥️♥️♥️♥️YOUR THE BEST NAEE♥️♥️♥️♥️
thank you! 💞 I’m sorry to hear that. I hope everything gets better in your life. If you need someone to rant to, we’ll be here for you. Sending love 💗💗
I never thought pc would come to this 😂 thats not good!
of course! :)
I don’t know who it is, but I’ve just been generally nice to them so I think that’s why
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ikr me too lol
thank you
honestly I’m confused as to why one of my collages was featured, I didn’t like it much lol
and I agree with this!!
those are all very feature worthy collages
my day has been somewhat okay😂 thanks for asking!
totally agreed! some features nowadays are not great whereas others that aren't featured and deserve so much more recognition are not getting featured! it's so frustrating 😫
TOTALLY AGREE!!! i think this gotta turn around :)
Thank you so much!!
What Theme dya want to do for the collab?
awww thanks
thank u💕
thank you!!! 💕
i had done something stupid and i was just not feeling it bc i got my feelings hurt so yeah but im ok now
I’m posting the collab now
how are you bestie?? 💖
I’m doing well, thanks bestie!
u can post the collab 2 rn :)
yeah totally
Hey come check out the newest interview with trelawney
hey can u make me an Ariana grande icon? u are so talented and I was looking for a new icon!
aww thank you❤️
whoa your account is awesome I love your style
ahhaha yeahhh
aww omggg thank youuu!! you already have the ways😉😉
hey nae! how are you??
yeah i think you have a younger sister just like me 🙃 once you said like she said I was pretty or sum 😂
thanks so much 😘😘😘😘
Aww thanks naw
Aww don't worry nae I'm sure it's a small fight and it won't last for long, people fight a lot, especially if they are close, it's normal for parents to fight, just try stay out their way and not annoy the.hope everything works out! Love ya and I'm always here to talk ❤️❤️❤️❤️
awww yay nae!! I’m so glad!! ❤️
I’m doing well, thanks! ✨
hey I’m having a tell me your favorite of my collages contest if you could just lmk that would be great
Awwwww u gave me good advice tooo🥰🥰🥰🥰
Dya have pinterest?
Ooh what's ur username
Hey naeeee💕💕😂😂
I totally agree with you that will be so good if PicCollage décidé to give a chance to every account
Oki I just followed ya xD
Lol I Can't remember 😂
You can choose
Thank you!
hey girlie! How are you? 💖
I didn’t know someone had that username before😟 who was it?
I’m good love :) just busy with exams my school hasn’t shut due to virus which is sad so I hope it shuts as I’ll miss exams! 😂 how bout your school? 💖💖
oh wow! that’s cool :)
Aw don’t worry I’m sure you’ll get through your lessons 💖💖
I agree!!
Aww thank you! And you redid your bedroom it must look amazing! 💖💖
omg! 3 sisters!! I have to share a room with just 1 sister and she’s the most annoying person ever! 😩😂
ikr! And omg farthings the worst problem! 😂😂♥️♥️
aw thank you~!!! 💕✨🌸🥺💕✨
haha me too 😂😂 but some nights when we’re both going to bed I scare her and it’s the funniest thing ever so it’s worth it! 😂♥️
thank you! ❤️
oh that’s so cool! mine was rough bc it was our first day but it was fun!
haha I guess we’re pretty similar since I only have 1 sister 😂💖
thank you so ❤️ that means a lot to me thank you
thank you sm!!!
I totally agree!
i agree, mine was the love one, i don't think that should have gotten featured!! But yeah like some people make stunning collages and i am like, why are thye not featured!!!???😜
OMG this is so true...there r ppl with amazing collages that r not getting featured😬 Im like whhttt cause u know some of the collages on featured aernt as woowww as u said..
congratulations on the features your amazing and please enter my riverdale games on my third account BettyVeronica46