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Thank you for tagging me @ShatteredCrystal !!!

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✨Compliment Tag✨ Thank you for tagging me @ShatteredCrystal !!!

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Time starts now🕓
I don't know you that well, but I'd really love to get to know you better. According to your bio, you've been through some extremely hard times, but you got through it! Not only that, but you just seem like such a wonderful person to be around because you're always spreading hope and positive vibes, despite all you've been through. It doesn't hurt that your edits are gorgeous as well😉But yeah, you just seem so brave and friendly, and I'd love to get to know you better :)
Also, your bio gives me hope☀️✨💕
Thnx for tagging me! 😋 And, I think you’re totally the type of person who ppl would look up to you, you’re a great role model for younger girls. 👌🏻
you are so strong, resilient and always someone I know I can talk to and just vent to... you always bring a smile to my face and have definitely helped me out of some dark ś h * t...
(also... thanks for taggin me!)
Hiya fren!!! Super late but.... thank you so much for being a friend here! You are so strong of a person and i hope you keep being you. You are an amazing person and beautiful inside and out. You’re so friendly and nice and your acc is so motivational and great!! Stay strong and i hope we stay friends! xD
hello beautiful-kind-inspiring fren😆you are so amazing and have shown support and kindness to me ever since we met, thank you for that💜. I hope you continue to stay strong and push forward💜you are so talented and awesome!😆😊💙
you’re welcome💜
omg where do I begin? you are so awesome, inspiring, and strong, and I’m so glad to met you because you’re so friendly and kind. keep doing what you’re doing because it’s amazing🧡
you're so amazing, beautiful, inspiring, strong and I look up to you so much. You always help everyone else build their broken walls up, even when you're broken yourself. you keep on fighting, you keep pulling through, and I honestly think you're a wonderful role model for people everywhere. I love you 💕
(also thank you for tagging me!)
you’re welcome❤️