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thanks so much, this is amazing btw😱
this is amazing 😱💖🙌
awwwwww this is awesome ❤️🔥💖😱💕☺️
This is really pretty😍💖💜💙
he’s so pretty thank you for blessing my eyes👏😘
oh my godddd 😱 thIS IS AMAZING 😍💞
can i steal your skills shbsbs ?😍💞
I have yet to get into bts but oh boy this is lovely 💙👏
yesss girl! 😍😍😍
i know :(
yesss ahh you are right! who is your bias, tho?
how are you btw?
thank youuuu💕
oof i just woke up so im really tired
haha your welcome!! i really don’t know either! i think piccollage may choose like filters of maybe like too much skin exposure and the like that might make it pending review.
thank you so much aaahhh!
my inspiration comes from real-life experiences, such as people I meet, stress, etc.) music also inspires me a lot. the best advice I can give is to write what you feel. physically, it produces an honest and truthful poem, and mentally, it gets the feelings out, so they don’t build up as much and cause stress.
II would wanna be in a dangerous/ish or entertaining fictional world like stranger things, Harry Potter, or something, I dunno. And I can’t choose a favorite book eek. // favorite sport would be soccer or hockey, and maybe basketball but I’m horrible at it..oop. // And I would want to be a bowl and fork.
and you can read more on wattpad:) my account is @gingerfacade, and I should have new work out soon:)
ohh are you going on vacation or coming back from it or something else?
lol Kpop is taking over pic collage too
*nosebleeds* m-my eyes..🤧
This is so amazing💫
so gorgeous!
so good