Collab with the amazing  the one and only sage-✨💕🦋
Go look @ her acc it’s amazing!!!! ✨💕🦋Also I want to start to do: qotd— so… ✨💕🦋qotd: who do you admire… ✨💕🦋(hahah don’t ask it’s the first thing that came up to my mind)✨💕🦋


🏞9-23-21🏞 Collab with the amazing the one and only sage-✨💕🦋 Go look @ her acc it’s amazing!!!! ✨💕🦋Also I want to start to do: qotd— so… ✨💕🦋qotd: who do you admire… ✨💕🦋(hahah don’t ask it’s the first thing that came up to my mind)✨💕🦋

76 7
this is soo gorgeous! good job you two💕💕 you are both SOUPER duper talented!! lol
uhh ok well then….
iam probs gonna have to move you to like November or smtg cuz I have people that are waiting
okay idk it got deleted but I did post it
love it!
oh ok so you want to post in November right?
iam not sure that we can do it in October.
This is gorgeous 😍
AHHHH tyyyy youuu too!!
normally what i’ll do is search in a keyword that i want the theme of my collage to be and then add the word aesthetic. so for that specific collage i typed in “aesthetic autumn” or “aesthetic autumn leaves”. sometimes if i have an idea for a collage and i already have the quote, i’ll find a key word in the quote like bike for example and type in “aesthetic bike” i hope this helps!!
new post!🍁
whoops I just read your comment on one of my posts and sorry I didn’t see it... to get plain bg just search up aesthetic and whatever you want after for example aesthetic mountains or aesthetic mountain wanderlust.. and pick the one you like and sorry once again
amazing u guys work so well together I just live this so muchhhhh
new post
can we collab? comment on my page if u want to
Hey r_rox! I was wondering if we could collab anytime soon! Its ok if you say no
Yw! can we collab sometime?
omg 2 h8 pages??? 😱
this is amazing 🤩
Yeah we can collab! I really like this collage right here can we do something like this! :)
ok ty!
I'm not sure! Maybe something like this.... Other than that I really like this kind of background and I was also wondering if I could do the text???
I made a collab chat page for us!! (I know you submitted the collage form a long time ago, but I finally got to it!)please check out the collab page!!
I made the background of the collab! when you see it m you can add text, then do a filter if you want, and then we’ll post!
i’m good, glad you’re doing well
heyyy hru
this is probably the best collagge ive seen on this app wow
you did the bg for this
idk what you searched
yea! I’d really want too🥺
so hru?
😂😂it’s k
iam good! sry I was getting ready for school
it’s okay it happens
aww thx
Oh my goodness you are so sweet!!🥺 Thank you so much!! 💕💕 Your collages need a feature!!! I kinda wish PC would post more features...
I’m in math class rn
watching what?
haha really?
yeah ofc
hey please participante no my Ivón contest
hey roxy!!
this is stunning ❤️
hey hru??
hi! I noticed that I lost a follower, and I think it was u since u rnt on the page anymore.. can u tell me why u rnt following me anymore?
heyyy! hru?
so pretty 🤩
A simple one! I really like this collage!
iam good
notin much, just gotta do hw😣😣
yes very🙄🙄
hi! why did u stop following me?
well gtg! byeee gn
new post
hey hru??
good too how’s school??
awe thxxx
notin much, going to bed lol
I did it
kk I’ll do it
hi! do u think u could refollow me bc ur not on my followers page anymore… :(
aww tysm!! and no problem !! I love ur collages :D
hi! ur collages are wonderful and amazing! I think u have really good chances of winning my contest! plz enter and leave a follow!!
np don’t worry about it!!!
but could u at least submit something for my contest plz? thx
I’m already following u but I can refollow u just in case
ya lol ofc it summer 😆
its *
thx for entering!!!
Hey we have not talked in a while hru?
your collages are STUNNING😍😍
Omg this is so pretty
Hii! I'd love for you to join my contest! Due date is October 10th!
check out my new post 👀
yes ofcc
awe really? tysmm❤️❤️❤️🥺🥺
omg u have a great grandma?? that’s so cool!
yeah I hope I do good!
woah- that’s cool!
Reminder to join my contestt
tysm for calling me pretty your collages are pretty on the out side and the inside and I wish I was a model but no
oh soz here's the prizes: Shoutout,spam of likes, free png, free icon, free background for your collages
this is amazing!
Hey I am having a collage contest could you please maybe join have a great day!(Sorry For Copy And Paste)
thank you!!!
this is super cute too!!!
Congratulations r_rox for coming in 2nd place in my Spring Contest !!
Please pick 2 of the prizes shown to you in the Spring contest information collage Thankyou have a nice day
hi! luv this and plz check out my account as I have a new icon form!
follow unnaturally bookwormish! she’s awesome collager and super nice. she deserves to get a thousand followers, not just 100! follow her today!!
poll on my profile!!!
can we post tomorrow?
how are you doing?
Hey! You made it to round 2 of my contest! Check out my recent post for more details
that’s noice! I got to hang out with cousins too lol
ya it was very fun!
thank you! ❤️
oh really? that sounds funn
Yes let's post!
hey hru???
I’m good too how’s school
aotd: Olivia Rodrigo, Sara Kays,Maddison Beer and yuh