[december 29, 2019]
idk why i like this so much
comment some songs/artists!!

750x750 -thebearwiththepetals-

[december 29, 2019] idk why i like this so much comment some songs/artists!!

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wow this is beautiful I love it✨😍🤩
woah this is stunning! so simplistic yet so detailed. i love the one font it really stands out from the rest of the collage!
simple and gorgeous 😌💕// @caption Vampire weekend, the National, Kali Uchis, local natives
ur collages are so imaginative, i wonder how u can do that ! some singers / songwriters i recommend are : maye, beabadoobee, conan gray, etc.
i love how the green and yellow contrast the red and violet! / keane, idkhow, aurora, the cranberries ??
wow i love this so much!!
island in my mind- cobi, melatonin- birds of bellwoods
this is so cool 💕💕✨
@caption you’re crashing, but you’re no wave by Fall Out Boy & afterglow by Taylor Swift ♥️
this is a beauty!! 💕✨🌸
@caption : little pistol by mother mother and bad liar by Selena Gomez!!
ART! ♥️👌
also I’d suggest temper temper by lime cordiale, sun hands by local natives, and flux by michaela slinger
so so stunning!
I love how you can turn a very simple collage into something completely unique while keeping in theme with your aesthetic! I am obsessed with nature elements in collages so the field background really appeals to me. The flower/hand cloud png is an interesting feature that definitely contributes to the unique look this collage has. Even though you repeated it multiple times, it still looks interesting on the collage because you varied the size and placement. The text is simple as well but it compliments the simple style of this as well. You’ve also transformed it to make it more interesting by adjusting each letter to a different height than the one before it. It creates a visually engaging layout that spices up the simple façade of the collage. I honestly adore your creativity, all your collages really showcase it very well 💗💕💕
heyy!! As part of this project “PCRevolution” would you be able to fill out this survey :) ( in remixes) thank you🤩❤️
thank you ♥️
thanks 💗💗
np and thanksss :)))
I am holding a winter contest and there are limited spaces , please enter 👍🏼❤️❄️
I think your really talented, and it would be a dream , come true if u could enter, it’s up to u. thanks 😘❤️
this is so pretty!!
this is so gorgeous wowww ♥️♥️ happy new year!
happy new year!!
the postal service!