I feel like I haven’t posted in a little bit (lol like a week)...but I kinda like it!
QOTD: when does school start back up for you?
AOTD: in a month or so😑

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tap I feel like I haven’t posted in a little bit (lol like a week)...but I kinda like it! QOTD: when does school start back up for you? AOTD: in a month or so😑

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AOTD - August 13th
AOTD: September 5th I think and this is GORGEOUS!
On Thursday...
omg Troye!!! 😍 AOTD: August 14th
Pretty 💞 AOTD: still currently in school now, I have a break coming up though 🙃
this is so so pretty 😻😻
aotd: August 16th
beautiful! congrats on feature! 😃💕
AOTD : September 5
congrats on the feature!
AOTD: Same
AOTD: September 4
this is so amazing!! 💕 congrats on the feature! 🎉❤️
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omg this is beautiful honestly I have no words 💞😱
thank you sm
hey I really could use someone to talk to right now 💕
idk I guess ppl are really giving me lots of crâp for “hating” on Fun-life off the bee original account and I just really don’t see what I did wrong. all I did was ask that she gave credit that’s all, I didn’t even say she was stealing or copying. I’m not really affected at all by the hate I just find it a bit annoying how I say something kind of harsh about someone and people go nuts and accuse me of hating. I wish people could criticize others in a respective way without people going off on them saying they’re hating. people keep saying I “went too far” on the bee original account and I really just don’t agree. all I said was she should maybe consider giving some credit because I mean the collages do look similar. idk I guess I’m a little frustrated 😕
and now everyone thinks I made a hatepage for fun-life and ughhggh all this drama is ßullshït it’s like my fanbase and the fun life fan base are at war
I know, I mean I guess she has a few hatepages now but can I be honest? I think she posted about the drama so much that more and more people saw it and it kinda led to her hatepages. i think if she hadn’t posted so much about it maybe she would have so many hatepages and honestly I wouldn’t have mine either. I tried telling her this but she kept posting about the drama so idk what to do 😕I’m trying to leave the drama behind but with her posting so much about it it’s a little hard. I wish I hadn’t even posted that frickin collage in the first place and none of this would have happened 😂😂
I know this whole thing is so dumb to be honest. I really don’t think a lot of people on Pic collage know how to handle hate or hatepages and tbh some of them just want attention and will do anything for it, even if it means talking cräp about someone else. I wish our fans would stop taking sides and just like us both. I feel like I should make a collage saying some of this but I feel like then I’d be encouraging the drama so I’m really not sure where I stand in all this.
yeahhh if we’re being honest here I agree. I tried to tell her she was being a wee bit dramatic but she wouldn’t listen. don’t get me wrong, I love her account and all, but sometimes I feel like she’s a bit desperate for attention. she keeps saying the hate is too much for her, but I haven’t really seen any. I feel like I’m getting a lot more crâp than she is when I didn’t really do much wrong. I mean I’m kinda the one who started this whole thing but the bee original account was just to promote creativity and I said like a million times I’m not trying to hate but no one listened to me. I feel like everyone saw fun-life’s name in the collage and without thinking it through, accused me of hating because they were her friend. idk it’s like I want to feel guilty for this but I can’t because I’m not sure what I did wrong.
yeah I know, the thing is I’ve already kind of tried. i told her she should really stop posting about the drama in a nice way of course, and leave the drama behind but she didn’t seem to listen. I’ll try talking with her again but I feel like I’m going to get the same response as before. ugh I just feel like this whole thing has gone way too far. literally one of her friends told me to unfollow her and said what I did on the bee original account was wrong. basically implying she wants nothing to do with me. again I feel like I should post to at least acknowledge this but then again I don’t want to encourage the drama. I wish everything on Pic collage could be like how it was a few months ago on my account and the drama would just frickin go away
btw thx for listening to my rambling I really appreciate it 😂😅
yeah I know, I feel like people are too afraid to pick sides in fear of being hated on sometimes. I wish I could tell them it’s okay to express your opinion as long as it isn’t hurting anyone.
yeah, I feel like people will only say things like that on an anonymous account. and, can I be honest with you? I have this theory kind of that Fun-life made my hatepage. if you look at the collage she included where I admitted to fun life I was bee original, it was an old collage of hers I commented that on. that got me thinking....how did the hatepage know to look on that exact collage for my comment? because it was really an old collage of hers, so idk I kind of think it’s fun life because how would anyone else know that. also if u look at who the hatepage is following it’s a bunch of pop page people and then fun life. I don’t know anymore....fun life insists to me it isn’t her but I don’t know what to believe at this point. she really did seem mad at me for the bee original account and I think maybe she made the hatepage so she wouldn’t have to be all nice to me. idk I feel like she doesn’t like me at all nor do her fans. ughh.....😂😂😂you’re right though I should really talk to her again
exactly omg. i feel like when people make friends on here, and someone says something hateful about their friend, even if it isn’t even that hateful, they just go off on the person “hating” and agree with their friend no matter what because iT’s tHeIr FrIeNd. I kinda explained some of this in my “how to handle a hatepage” post, but i do think some of these hatepages are kind of true in a way. heck, even my hatepage is right about some things (with the exception of their grammar) and if the hatepage is targeting a well known collager with a reputation of being nice, people will just immediately disagree with the hatepage no matter what. and yes I know some of the hatepages out there literally just post “so and so is dumb!” and that’s it. now that’s just stupid. but the hatepages that take time to explain things, sometimes in a respectful way, I wish people wouldn’t be so quick to comment “yeah well you’re stupid go away!!!”
yeah, I don’t even know at this point...I also think she created some of her fanpages. one in particular I noticed, literally seconds after the fanpage was created, fun life followed it. the fanpage then posted, and a few seconds went by, probably so fun life could switch between accounts, and fun life commented thanking the fanpage. I kinda studied them both and noticed they were never active at the same time. and of course to top it all off, one of the first people the fanpage followed was my hate page.
another thing. on the same collage where I admitted I was bee original I commented “I feel like I’m the one who deserves a hatepage not you” so either the hatepage did some frickin intense stalking on funlifes page, or fun life made a hatepage based on those comments. idk maybe I’m over analyzing the cräp out of this but to me it all makes sense why she would make my hatepage
exactly! it’s like you said, I feel like everyone blindly agrees with the victims of hatepages just to keep their reputation as a “nice collager”. everyone’s too scared to speak up unless they have the protection of an anonymous account, and I’m really getting tired of it. that’s kind of what everyone did on the Bee original account too, people just saw the name of their friend in the collage, and then without thinking accused me of hating.
sorry for ranting so much haha😂
so desperately crave* not do
I know 😂hey wait you have we heart it right? want to chat on there instead?
you’re good 😂
I love this. also, I’ll get your shoutout soon, I have no motivation and haven’t been on this app in a week
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I love how this has a theme to it. it’s very beautiful.
amazing collage! aotd: September 6th😱
you should totally go check out Follower4you- games!🐨🌻💛
aotd: no clue 😱😬😬😬
hi I love ur account can u pls come follow me and like my collages I’m new
oh...^^^^^^looks like poeple talk behind my back
nvm💕I’m over it😂❤️How the frick did I even..Agh